Chart Creator Overview


The Chart Creator is where you can build your charts and graphs using Drag & Drop or by simply pasting your SQL Queries into the SQL Box. In this section, we will see how to access the Chart Creator and its structure. If you want a live and quick demonstration on how to build a basic chart in datapine, see our video tutorial.


Access the Chart Creator via Analyze


You can always access the Chart Creator with a click on Analyze in the upper navigation bar. This will redirected to the Chart Creators interface with a new, blank workspace.






Access the Chart Creator from Dashboard






You may also access the Chart Creator from your Dashboards. In your Dashboard, enable the Edit mode with a click on the Edit icon in the right corner of the Dashboards navigation bar. Then click on Add Chart on the dashboard tool bar to open the Chart Creator with a new workspace.


Chart Creator Structure




The Chart Creator is divided into four main sections.


1) On the left side of your screen, you will find the Data Source Structure.  In the drop down menu you can see all your connected data sources, including all tables and fields, and choose the one you want to work with. 


2) The Visualization and Chart Preview section builds the center of the Chart Creator screen. Here you can build your charts by dragging and dropping fields from your data source schema on the left into the four drop zones next to it. The two main drop zones are of course What to measure (Y Axis) and the Dimension (X Axis). To this data, you can apply some filters and decomposition, for a greater clarity, or to present something in particular.


3) The Tool Bar on top of the Analyze screen provides the basic functionalities of the Chart Creator. Here you can clear the visualization section, change the chart type or directly save and export your charts into different formats. 


4) The Chart Property and Field Editor allows you to fine tune your data and modify the look and feel of your charts. When using the Chart Options you will also find the options in this section to customize your graphs at your wish: colors, font size and types, showing data labels, hiding axis and legend or not, etc.