datapine offers two types of users with editing rights. We generally differentiate between Admins and Editors. Both types of users can create dashboards and work with your data within your organization. However, there are slight differences between these two user types. Here is a quick guide on the different permissions of these two user roles in datapine.




The Admin user most often acts as the owner of the organization in datapine and is included by default. Admins have access to all data connected to datapine and can connect or delete other data sources. Users with admin rights may also add other users and viewers, access and edit all dashboards within the organization and as well change payment plans or the general account information.




Editors are users with limited access rights to dashboards and have only a restricted set of permissions for deleting data sources. They can edit and view dashboards that other users have shared with them or that they have created themselves. They may also share content with other users and viewers within your organization. However, they cannot delete databases that someone else has connected and are also not allowed to change the payment plan of the account.