Export a Dashboard Tab

A big plus for dashboards is that you can easily share them with clients or colleagues to keep everyone up to date on your critical business metrics. The easiest way to do this is by sending an exported document containing all relevant information from your dashboard. In datapine, you have the option to create PDF, PNG or Excel export of your dashboards and directly share them with whoever you like. The following guide will show you how to export dashboard tabs into different files formats.


Access the Export Tab Menu


how to export a dashboard tab in datapine


  1. Access your dashboard via the Dashboard drop-down in the the upper navigation bar.
  2. In your Dashboard, select the tab you would like to export with a click onto the tabs name.
  3. Then click on Options on the right side of the dashboard tool bar.
  4. In the Drop Down, Select Export Tab to access the Export Tab Menu.

Export Dashboard Tab


  1. In the Export Tab Menu, select the export format for your dashboard tab. You can export tabs into these formats: .xls, .pdf or .png
  2. You may also send these exports as email to other recipients.
  3. Click on Export to start the download.