Delete Database


What if you don’t need one of the databases you’ve connected to datapine anymore? We recommended to remove this data connection. In the following steps you will learn how to delete a data source and what you should keep in mind when removing a data connection in datapine.


1) Before you start permanently deleting a data source, you should make sure that none of your charts and dashboards is using any fields from this connection. If you delete a data source used in a chart, you will get an error message that one or more data sources have been deleted when accessing the dashboard or chart.




2) Once you are sure that your data source can be deleted, click on Connect in the left upper corner of the navigation bar and you will be redirected to the data sources tab.


3) In your data source overview search for the respective data source and click on the Delete Button located at the right side of your data source widget.


How to delete a datasource


4) A notification pops up and you will be asked for authentication. Please enter your account password to verify the removal of the data source.


How to authenticate when deleting a datasource


5) Once you click on OK the deletion will be started and you will get back to the data sources overview.




1) To be allowed to remove databases you’ll need to have the rights of an administrator. Editors cannot delete databases but are allowed to delete CSV files, as those don’t count as full data sources.


2) Please keep in mind that other users might use the respective data source. Before deleting a data source make sure that this will not affect any of the other user’s projects.