Animation Options

A nice way to add more interactivity to your dashboard and to catch the attention of the dashboard viewer is to add animation. The dashboard animation options let you define a range of chart animations and to apply them to your dashboard tab.


Here is a guide on how to apply animation options in datapine.


Access Animation Options


You can access the Animation Options in the Edit mode of your dashboard tab.


  1. Click on the Edit icon in the upper right corner of your dashboard tab to enable the edit mode.
  2. Open the Appearance Options on the dashboard tool bar.
  3. Then select Animation Options…

how to access animation options for dashboards in datapine


Edit Animation Options


  1. On the Animations tabs, first enable the animation options.
  2. Select a speed for the animation. There are three different speeds to choose from.
  3. Then select the animation type that you wish to apply to the dashboard.

select from different animation options for your dashboard in datapine


You can review the different animation types and speeds in the small chart preview below. Click on the tabs above the chart preview to view the animation for the different chart types. Simply click onto the chart to replay the animation. To run the animation on your dashboard simply refresh the dashboard.