Merge Chart Types

When creating a chart with more than one metric in Measures, it might be useful to apply different chart types to highlight dependencies or to be able to focus on unique trends. In datapine, you can easily combine different chart types such as Line, Area, Column, Bar or Scatter Plots by either defining the data series type with a right click on the data series or via the data series options.


Change series type using right click


In the Chart Creator, you can access the quick styling options for your data series with a right click on the data series itself.


  1. Click with your right mouse on the data series for which you wish to change the chart type.
  2. This will open a small popup of your Quick Style Options.
  3. Hold your mouse on to Change series type and from the dropdown to the right choose the preferred chart type.

illustration how to merge chart types


 Change series type using data series options


Using the data series options, you can define a full range of style elements for your data series including the chart type and appearance.


  1. Right-click with your mouse on to the data series you wish to customize.
  2. In the Quick Style Options popup click on Advanced Options.
  3. This will populate the selected data series options to the Chart Property & Field Editor panel on the right. You can now select the right chart type of your data series from the drop down menu.

how to change data series type


Tip: Changing the series type allows you to create wholly new chart types such as a wind rose chart by using columns instead of lines for a spider web chart.