Sorting Results

In the Chart Creator, values measured on the Y-Axis will be automatically sorted by dimension in ascending order. Numerical values will be sorted from smallest to largest, date values from oldest to most recent and strings alphabetically. Instead of the default sortation you might want to use a custom order to get the insights you need. Please follow the instructions below to learn how to custom sort your data with just a few clicks in datapine.


how to sort results in datapine


  1. Click on Analyze in the upper navigation bar to open the empty Chart Creator.
  2. Drag and drop the field you would like to measure into the Y-Axis area and a field to split up your data set into the X-Axis area.
  3. Open the sort options by clicking on the Sort by Button at the top of the chart preview.
  4. You can now decide whether you prefer to sort your data by dimension or by measure. The labels of your data fields in the measure or dimension area will be displayed in the drop down menu below the Sort-by Options. Click on the sort order next to the field labels which you would like to apply to your data. This will immediately populate the changes made to the order of your data.

Depending on the data type of your fields you can now choose between the following sorting options:


Numerical Fields


sorting smallest to largest data  Sorts your results in ascending order from smallest to largest.


sorting largest to smallest data Sorts your results in descending order from largest to smallest.



Date Fields


sort by most recent data to eldest Sorts your results from eldest to most recent date.


sorting eldest to most recent data Sorts your results from most recent date to eldest.


Text Fields


sorting data alphabetically from a to z Sorts your results alphabetically in ascending order from A to Z.


sorts data alphabetically from z to a Sorts your results alphabetically in descending order from Z to A




a) Use the sorting function in combination with our Data Limitation Options to visualize your Top 10 clients or Bottom 5 products in terms of items sold.


b) Please note, that charts including a field in Decompose by cannot be custom sorted.