Edit Existing Alert

If you wish to edit one of your existing alarms, you can access the settings of your individual alerts in the alarm overview.


1) In the Alarm overview, access the alert that you wish to edit with a click on the alert’s name on the left. This will display the respective alert settings on the right.


2) You may now edit the input parameters of your alert.


a) If you select another input format for your data, this will reset the alarm settings for algorithm and frequency. In this case you have to define the alert details again.


b) Changing the algorithm will recalculate the alarms. To adjust the range for threshold alerts simply type in a new range or apply a different sensitivity for neural network and pattern recognition alerts. Apply any changes by pressing the calculate button on the right.


c) You can simply select another frequency or time at which you wish to receive the alert emails.


3) Make sure to apply any changes to your alert input criteria.


how to edit an existing alert in datapine