Apply Click To Filter

All charts that have been previously enabled as filters can be used to drilldown into more narrowed views of your data on the dashboard. To apply a filter value simply click onto the dimension you wish to use as a filter. The selected dimension will be then highlighted and applied to the dashboard.


In our example below we took the following steps to filter our Demo Dashboard by Country Canada and Product Category Games:


  1. We clicked on the country Canada directly on the map.
  2. Then we clicked on the Product Category Games on the Pie Chart on the left.
  3. Both filter values got added to the Quick Filter panel at the bottom of the dashboard. All charts and numbers on this dashboard tab will be filtered by the respective values.
  4. To clear the dashboard, we simply clicked on Clear All to get back to the unfiltered, original dashboard view.

how to apply a click-to-filter in datapine