Update CSV


As we have already seen, it’s impossible to update a CSV when it’s uploaded the direct way. But when uploaded via URL we can change the file and see those changes reflected in the datapine dashboards. But how can we update these CSVs when we don’t want to wait for the automatic updatepoint we choose by the ‘Update Interval’ when setting up the connection?


  1. Go to Connect.
  2. Find the table that you want to be updated.
  3. Click on the SYNC Button at the right side of the datasource Widget. After loading the new data should be shown in your dashboards.

How to update a CSV file


4. When you made changes to the structure of the CSV like adding a new column, you have to fetch those changes. Click on the ‘Edit’ button.


5. At the following screen click on the blue Button at the Top called ´Fetch Changes’. Then you should see the CSV with the changes you made in the preview below. Save after you checked whether the CSV was updated correctly.



Tips: It’s important that you never change the structure of the CSV that you originally uploaded. When you want to add new columns you should always add them at the end of the table. Also never change the names of the columns that you already uploaded. When you want to display a new header for a specific column you can change it in datapine.