Time Interval Picker

datapine offers built-in interactive options to allow you to filter and drill-down into your data with just a few clicks. While the dashboard filters can be applied simultaneously to all charts on your dashboard tab, the time interval widget allows you to enhance individual time scale charts with an interactive drill-down function. This function lets you choose the time interval of the data displayed in the chart with a click of your mouse. Please follow the instructions below to enable the dynamic time intervals.


Enable the Time Interval Widget


  1. Make sure you’ve enable the Edit mode of your Dashboard Tab.
  2. Click on a time scale chart on your dashboard and then on the gear icon in the right upper corner of the chart.
  3. In the dropdown, hover over Interactive Options and then select Show Time Interval Widget.
  4. Click on Done in the right upper corner of the tab to get back to the Dashboard View Mode.

how to enable time interval widget  / picker on a dashboard in datapine


Use the Time Interval Widget


After you’ve enabled the Time Interval Widget it will pop up in left bottom corner of your chart every time you move your mouse over the chart’s border. Simply click on the interval you want to use on your chart.


demonstration of the time interval widget on a dashboard in datapine