Stacked Column Chart



Bar or Column Charts are mainly used to visualize comparisons among categories through either horizontal (Bar Chart) or vertical bars (Column Chart). Generally, one axis displays the different categories and the other axis shows the corresponding concrete value. For multidimensional data we recommend to split the bars in subparts by using the corresponding stacked versions.


Alike the Column chart, the stacked column chart will help you display a certain number of values over time (for instance, the number of monthly signups in 2015 like in our example below), or compare amounts of data from different categories (for instance, the number of signups according to their origin: Europe, Australia, North America). However, the stacked column chart has the advantage of bringing both of those data, usually displayed in two different graphs, together, and show a part-to-whole- relationship. The columns are then split into several sections, giving to the reader the opportunity to compare the evolution of the different categories over time.


Below, you can see an example of a stacked column displaying the number of signups by country over the course of 2015. If you want to create your own stacked column chart in datapine, follow these steps.


stacked column chart example created with datapine



How to create a stacked column chart in datapine



1) Click on Analyze in the upper navigation bar to open the Chart Editor. Then in the scroll down menu on the left, choose the data source you want to work with.


2) Drag and drop the field you wish to measure into What to Measure(Y Axis) and the field for which you wish to split up your data set into the Dimension area (X axis).


3) In the upper Chart navigation bar, choose Stacked Column.


4) Drag and drop a field for which you would like to split up your data in the Decompose by area.


5) Optional: Drag and drop a time or data field of your wish into the Filter area.


Afterwards you can customize the look and feel of your chart with the options on the right side of the screen.