Remove Viewer From Group

Teams and responsibilities are often changing over time. To reflect these changes, you may want to remove a Viewer from a group without deleting this profile. You can manage your Viewers in the settings section of your account. Click on Settings in the right upper corner of the navigation panel and then select Viewer in the settings menu. In a few easy steps, this guide will show you how to remove a viewer from a group on the Viewer page.


How to remove a viewer from a group


  1. On the right side of the Viewer page, a list of all groups will be displayed. Once you have found the relevant group, click on it to reveal its viewers.
  2. Click on the cross appearing on the right when hovering over the viewer with your mouse.
  3. In the confirmation popup, click on Remove to remove the viewer from the group.

how to remove a dashboard viewer from a specific group in datapine


How to remove a viewer from all groups


  1. On the left side of the Viewer page, click on the pen icon appearing when you hover over one of the Viewers in the list.
  2. In the Edit Viewer popup, you can now remove all the groups that he has been given access to. Simply click on the little cross in the right corner of each group.
  3. Then click on Save to proceed and save the modifications for this viewer.

how to remove a dashobard viewer from all groups he has access to