Share Public Link

You can also share a dashboard using a link with anyone outside of your organization. With this option your recipients can simply access via the URL. However, you can still secure the link with a password. Keep in mind that filters are not available on a public links currently. Here is how to share your dashboard via public link.


how to share a dashboard with a public link


  1. Access the dashboard that you wish to share via public URL.
  2. Open the Share Dashboard menu with a click on Share in the lower navigation bar.
  3. Now, access the Public URL section in the upper part of the menu
  4. Enable the Public Link option by triggering the toggle on the right.
  5. If you wish to add a password, enable the password protection and type a password into the textbox below.
  6. Copy the link with a click on the copy icon.
  7. Apply your settings to your dashboard. You are now ready to share the URL with other people.

Please be aware that all active dashboard filters will effect the results on the dashboard. In case you want to generate a new link and delete the old one you can use the Delete current link and create new link option below the URL options. Make sure you apply any changes to your dashboard URL first, before you share it with other people.