Delete Dashboard

Deleting a dashboard in datapine will permanently remove it from your workspace. Therefore, please make sure that other users in your datapine account do not need this dashboard anymore before deleting it. Alternatively, you may move a dashboard to MyDesk, which is like your personal hidden workspace. Dashboards in MyDesk can be easily reactivated and moved back to Dashboards.


However, follow this guide below to delete a dashboard in datapine permanently.


  1. Access the dashboard that you would like to delete via the dashboard menu or via the dashboard overview.
  2. In the dashboard workspace enter edit modeby clicking Edit in the upper right corner of the tool bar.
  3. Then, select Options next to the Edit/Done Button.
  4. Before you can delete a dashboard you will be asked to confirm the deletion. Click Delete in the pop-up window to permanently remove this dashboard from your account.

You will be redirected to the dashboard overview page and your dashboard will be gone.


how to delete a dashboard in datapine