Modify Time Values

When working with charts that display your data over time, sometimes it might not be adapted to the story you want to tell. Worry no more as datapine makes it very easy to define customized time intervals and observation periods. Indeed, the entire time span on which you have your data might not be the one you want to display integrally, for clarity, for privacy, or for any other reason.


In a few easy steps, this guide will show you how to modify the time values of your chart so as to show exactly what you want, for an unambiguous, sharper, and highly-customized data visualization.


how to modify time period in datapine


1) Open the Chart Creator and drag and drop the fields you wish to measure into Measures (Y Axis). Add a date field either to Dimension (X Axis), Decompose by or Filter by.


2) Click on the date field to open the field editor on the right side of the screen, so as to edit the time interval and observation period settings. You will see two tabs, but we will work on the first one, Single Period. To custom Multiple periods, please refer to previous guide Custom Time Periods.


3) On the right side of the Chart Creator you may now edit the date format. Select the time unit you would like to use to break down your data by from the drop down menu: minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years, or customized by hours of the day, days of the week, etc.


4) Choose a time period. You can either display your data for a static time period by setting the starting and ending date yourself in the calendar. Or you can choose a dynamic time interval from the drop down list such as today, last week, this month or this year.


5) Do not forget to click on Apply to see your changes populate the chart.


Note: If you place a date field in Filter by, it cannot be broken down into time intervals. However it still offers the same observation period settings and you can still set static or dynamic observation periods.