Format Chart Area

The formatting options in datapine allow you to quickly customize your charts. You can add custom labels and legends or apply individual font types and styles to easily adjust the appearance of your metrics to your corporate requirements. You will also find the general color options for your charts in here such as the chart background, gridline color and chart border. Click here, to get to know the individual functions in Chart Options to format your chart area.


Hide Gridlines


In case you don’t wish to display gridlines in your chart, you can simply hide them by selecting a transparent color in the color picker.


  1. Open the Chart Options with a click on the gear wheel icon in the right upper corner of the chart preview and then select Format Chart Area from the context menu.
  2. In the Chart Options menu on the right scroll down to the section Chart Colors and open the Color Picker for Gridlines with a click on the drop down menu.
  3. Above the color scale on the right click on the transparent placeholder and then click on apply below. Make sure to apply these new chart options to the chart too.

how to hide gridlines in datapine