Edit Tab

Like regular dashboards you may also assign custom names, apply refreshing intervals and custom filters to your dashboard tabs. This guide will show you different ways on how to edit a dashboard tab.


Enable Edit Mode


To be able to add new charts or other elements to your dashboard tab, you will first need to enable the edit mode to do so.


  1. In your Dashboard go to the respective tab that you wish to edit with a click on the the tab name.
  2. Then click on the Edit icon the right upper corner of your dashboard.

This will activate the edit mode and display an additional tool bar below the dashboard tool bar. You may now add new charts, apply style settings or general tab options to your dashboard tab.


Setup Tab Refreshing Interval


In datapine, you can define a custom tab refreshing interval. This will update the data displayed in your tab in the defined interval.


  1. In your dashboard tab, enable the edit mode with a click on Edit in the right upper corner.
  2. From the tab tool bar, select Appearance and then click on Set Refresh Interval.
  3. In the Refresh Interval pop-up you can now choose an tab refreshing interval and apply it to the dashboard tab.

Rename Tab


You can easily rename dashboard tabs.


  1. In your dashboard tab, enable the edit mode by clicking on Edit in the upper right panel of your dashboard.
  2. Then double click on the dashboard tab. This will open a textbox on the tab and you can simply type in a name for the tab. Just press Enter to apply the new name.