Split Result Set

Sometimes, your charts do not show all their potential, and only display a part of the story you want to tell. You need to be more specific than just one unit measured over one dimension. This is why datapine makes it easy for you to decompose your results according to certain criteria you have, splitting up your result set / metric into different segments.


The following steps in this guide will show you how to split up your data by adding an additional dimension that will break down your chart in several sets of data.


how to split result set with datapine


1) Open the Chart Creator by clicking on Analyze in the upper navigation bar of your screen.


2) In the empty Chart Creator, choose the data source you will work from in the drop down menu on the left side of the screen. Then drag and drop the field(s) you would like to measure into Measures (Y Axis). In our example, we have added the count of CustomerID from the customer table of our demo database.


3) You will then add fields to the Dimension (X Axis), in order to split your results into different categories. In our example, we have used a date field in Dimension to see our customer signups developing over the course of the year 2015.


how to split result set with datapine


4) However, you might need to bring more depth to your chart, and showing the CustomerID developing over time might not be your final goal. For a deeper analysis, you may now further split up your result set by adding another categorical field to Decompose by. Here, we have added the Country field to Decompose By to see how the individual countries are performing over time. The fields you add to Decompose by will break up the result set in your chart, and this will automatically add a legend to it.