Dynamic Filter Text Boxes


You can display filter values on your dashboard using textboxes. As the filter values from the filter panel on the right are usually not shown on exports, displaying your filters in dynamic text boxes can be especially useful if you plan to export your dashboard into a PDF or PNG later. If you do decide to export your dashboard, your export will also display your dynamic filter text boxes and the applied filters.



  1.        In your dashboard, start by enabling the edit mode, by clicking on the EDIT button in the upper right corner.
  1.        Add a textbox to your dashboard tab by either dragging the textbox icon from the toolbar onto the dashboard, or by simply clicking on to the ADD TEXT button.

How to use the add textbox button to add a textbox or dynamic textbox filter to your datapine dashboard



  1.        Type the filter name for which you wish to display the selected filter values into the textbox. Then add curly brackets around the filter name, e.g. {Country}.

How to create a dynamic text filter in a datapine dashboard


  1.        Click the DONE button in the upper right corner when you have finished editing to enable the view mode. Now your textbox will display the filter title and your dashboard will be filtered on the selected values from that filter, e.g. Australia.

How to create a dynamic text filter in a datapine dashboard - Step 2