Drill Through

The drill through function lets you get an in-depth view of the selected value of a chart by adding more information to it. Using this function, you can simply add completely different background information to a variable on your dashboard that might be interesting to know in relation to that metric.


drill through example on dashboard in datapine


To add a Drill Through


  1. Enable the Edit mode in your dashboard tab.
  2. Go to the chart on which you wish to place the Drill Through on. Then hold your mouse onto the gear wheel icon in the right upper corner of the chart, select Interactive Options in the drop-down and then click on Add Drill Through.
  3. You will be redirected to the Chart Creator. Here you can now create any kind of visualization of background information that you wish to add to your source chart. Make sure to click on Done to get back to the Dashboard tab afterwards. If you want the data in the Drill Through to be filtered by the variables of the source chart that you’ve clicked on, both charts should use the same data source or their data sources should be linked using Foreign Keys in the Settings section.

To access the background information behind a chart, simply double click on to the variable to which you wish to apply the drill through. Please note, you will always have to add a drill through to a chart before you can apply it. The data in the underlying chart will be automatically filtered by the variable you’ve double clicked on. To get an unfiltered Drill Through double click onto the charts background.