Facebook Ads

datapine offers a direct connection to Facebook Insights and Facebook Ads that can be setup fast and easy. Facebook Ads are really appreciated and valuable namely for the specific targeting options they offer and the low investments they require. Integrate your Facebook ads data to datapine, and enjoy the possibility to use all your metrics and create interactive dashboards to take your Facebook advertisement to the next level. The following steps will demonstrate how to connect your Facebook account to datapine.


Connect to Facebook Ads


  1. Click on Settings on the upper navigation bar.
  2. Select the Facebook Ads button right below the Add a new Data Source Widget.



  1. You will be forwarded to the Facebook Login page.
  2. Please, provide your login details of the Facebook account you wish to connect and click on Log In.
  3. The connection process to Facebook Ads will be started immediately. Please note that the extraction process of your metrics might take some time. After the connection has been successfully setup you will get back to the data sources screen. You can now start querying your Facebook Ads metrics in datapine.





Facebook ads are extremely valuable for any business, because of the reach they have and the exposure they offer. They appear on the News Feed for both mobile and desktop users, on the right column for Facebook desktop, and present many advantages. The few investments they require -with the lowest cost per impression on the web- enables you to still get a certain ROI even with a low budget. Besides, if your goal is to increase your brand awareness, any budget can reach it thanks to the publicity they allow.


The first step is of course to create your business page; once it is done, you can create and design ads campaigns. To do so, keep in mind the behavior you expect from your audience so as to find the best call to action. You set objectives like Conversions, Traffic or Engagement for instance, and then accordingly to your audience’s demographics and location, their language and interests, you can choose specific target options. Once all of it is ready, you will set a budget, an ad schedule and the ad placement on the page.


Remain alert on the different ad display and do your best to create ads that fit both desktops and mobile, so as to avoid any inconvenience, as the mobile traffic is becoming more and more important. Likely, multiplying the placement options can be tricky, as the length of the text you write, headlines and image dimensions are varying. It would require several sets of ads created accordingly to each placement, a solution that could in the end lead to a more complicated KPIs analysis.


Finally, thanks to your Facebook Ads connector, you can track and optimize your ads performance in detail and take your Facebook advertisement to the next level!