Join Strings – Concat

Using the SQL Box in datapine, you can easily customize the appearance and content of your charts by applying advanced functions and formulas. One way to change the content of your data displayed in datapine is to use concatenation to join two or more strings. This is particularly helpful for some chart types such as dynamic textboxes to customize the content displayed on your dashboards.


You can try out the following example by using our demo database.


Join two or more columns


To better understand the Concat function, consider the Country and City columns from the Customer table of our demo database:


concate example with datapine's demo database



Use the following command to combine these two columns in one:

Select Concat(`Customer`.`Country`, ' | ' ,`Customer`.`City`) as 'Country | City' 
From `Customer`;

After running the command above, the following table will be displayed:

result concate example with datapin's demo database