Background Color

The Background colors of your dashboard tab and charts let you add more structure to your dashboards just like in PowerPoint but much more interactive.


Start by accessing the Global Style Options. Therefore, enable the Edit Mode of your dashboard, then click on Appearance on the dashboard tool bar and select Global Style Options from the dropdown menu.


In the Global Style Options menu, you will now have the option to define the background colors for the individual elements on your dashboard step by step.


  1. Choose the element that you wish to edit – this might be the tab background or chart and textboxes background.
  2. Click on the small color dropdown menu next to the item selected.
  3. In the Color Picker, choose a color and click apply.
  4. If you’re happy with the effect displayed on the dashboard preview on the left Apply the new settings to your dashboard.

how to changes the background color on a dashboard in datapine with global style options


Tip: Sometimes when arranging your dashboard, it is easier to apply a transparent background color to the different elements on your dashboard to avoid them overlaying each other. Later you can still put a colored textbox behind these elements to create a more structured look.