Add New User

While working on analyzing and visualizing your data, it might prove useful to collaborate and share your work with other people within your organization. In a few easy steps, this guide will show you how to add a new user to datapine.


how to add a new user to datapine


1) First, click on Settings in the upper right corner of your screen to access the account options.


2) Then select Users in the upper panel of your settings menu.


3) On the left, you will now see all active users within your organization. Click on + Add new users on top of this list to add a new user.


4) On the left, enter the user details including e-mail address, first name and last name.


5) Then select the role of the user. You may choose between Editor and Admin rights.


a) Editor: Enable this mode to grant your new user editing rights, such as creating charts and dashboards.


b) Admin: Enable this mode to grant your new user not only editing rights, but also the possibility to delete and modify data sources.


6) You will also be asked to provide the time zone where the user is located. This is needed to send out automated reports on time.


7) Then click on Save to create your new user. The user will then receive a welcome email and will be asked to setup up his own password.