Data Labels

Instead of the default Y-axis labels and gridlines you may add data labels to the data series in your chart. The following guide demonstrates how to add data labels to your charts and how you can easily edit their appearance.


Add data labels to a data series


There are two ways to add data labels to your chart. The easiest and fastest way to display data labels is to right-click on the data series.


  1. In the Chart Creator, right-click with your mouse on a data set in your chart.
  2. This will open a small pop up with additional options. Click on Show data labels to display the aboslute values or select Show data lables (%) to display percentages and relative distibutions.  

 add data labels to chart with right click



Add global data labels via Chart Options


You can also add data labels to your charts in the chart options.

  1. Click on Chart Options in the upper right corner of the chart preview and select Format Chart Area.
  2. This opens the Chart Options on the right hand side of the screen. Right below you can either enable data labels, percentage labels or both by checking the respective boxes below Chart Options. Confirm your changes by clicking Apply at the bottom of the chart options.

add data labels via chart options


Edit the data labels


In Chart Options, you can easily edit the appearance of your data labels changing the font style such as size, boldness and color. You may also define the font type such as Arial, Georgia or Times New Roman under chart options. A right click on the chart background and then on Y-Axis lets you edit the Number Format of your data labels in the Y-Axis Options. Here you may add a symbol such as a currency or a percentage sign, define a number format and the number of decimal places that should appear.