Exclude Chart From Filter



Although it is always great to add more interactivity to your dashboard, you might prefer that some of your charts are static and not affected by your filters. In datapine you have the option to exclude specific charts from filtering.


To exclude a chart from a filter, simply follow the steps below;



  1. In your dashboard tab, enable the edit mode and hover over the chart that you would like to be static.
  1. Click on the settingsicon that appears in the upper right corner of your chart when you hover your curser over the chart. In the drop-down menu, hover over Interactive Options and then click on Ignore Filters.


How to exclude a chart from your filter settings in a datapine dashboard



In the edit mode, you will be able to recognize which of your charts are static by the small blue icon in the left bottom corner of the chart area. These charts will not be influenced by any filters on your dashboard tab. This applies to both, the filter panel on the right and the quick filters. How to ensure that a specific chart is not affected by filters in a datapine dashboard