Add New Dashboard

Click on Dashboard in the top navigation bar. This will redirect you to the dashboard overview where you can review all the dashboards you have created or that you have been given access to.


how to add a new dashboardTo create a new Dashboard, click on the Add Board icon in the right upper corner of the dashboard overview.


  1. In the Create Dashboard popup you will be asked to define the following settings for your dashboard.

a) Title: Assign a name to your dashboard.


b) Refresh Interval: Select an update interval for which you wish the data on your dashboard to be automatically refreshed.


c) Create Scheduled Report: If you don’t wish to send out a scheduled report for your dashboard untick the checkbox. We recommend to finalize your dashboard first, before you setup a scheduled report. Please click here to learn how to schedule a report for your dashboard.


  1. Finally click on Apply to create your dashboard. You will now find your empty dashboard template in the dashboard overview.