Add A New Dashboard



To create a new dashboard in datapine, click on DASHBOARD in the top navigation bar. You will be forwarded to the dashboard overview. This is the place where all of your dashboards are stored. Here you will have access to all dashboards that either you have created yourself or that another user has given you access to. When adding a new dashboard to your overview, you can choose to build a custom dashboard or use one of our dashboard templates to get started.





1. To add a new Dashboard to your overview, click on the CREATE NEW DASHBOARD button in the upper left corner of the dashboard overview.


How to add a new dashboard


2. In the Create New Dashboard pop-up, you will be asked to define the following settings for your dashboard.


Dashboard Name: Choose a title for your dashboard.

Refresh Interval: Select an update interval for which you wish the data on your dashboard to be automatically refreshed. This will be applied to the entire dashboard, but you can still set individual refresh rates per tab if you wish.

Collaborate with: Choose whether you would like to collaborate on your dashboard with other users in your team.



3. Now select Custom Dashboard below and click on CREATE. You will now be taken to your new and empty workspace where you can start adding charts and other visualizations.


How to set settings for a new dashboard






If you think a little guidance would be helpful when creating your first dashboard, datapine offers a wide variety of pre-built templates that help you create professional dashboards in just a blink of the eye. Our templates have a pre-set structure and let you input your data into the individual charts with just a few clicks. Please mind that you need to connect your data to datapine first before you can input it into the pre-designed graphs.

When you are setting up your dashboard, as seen in the ‘Creating a custom board’ steps above; before you click apply you can select a dashboard template design:


1. To preview the template design, click on the PREVIEW button at the bottom of each template thumbnail. A preview image of the template will appear, to return to the template selection either press ESC on your keyboard or click ‘Click or ESC to close’.


How to show the preview of a dashboard template



2. Select the design you would like to use from our dashboard templates below and then click on CREATE. You will now be taken to your new dashboard where all elements will be filled with sample data. When you hover over a chart an Insert Data watermark will appear. This means the chart still needs to be filled with your data. Click on the chart to head to the Analyzer and add your data to the required fields.



Once you have inserted your data you will no longer see the Insert Data watermarks and your dashboard is ready to be shared with your colleagues or clients. If you’d like to add more information than provided in the template have a look at how to add a new chart in datapine. You may also use the template as a starting point to create your own layout and simply move or restyle charts and other elements on your dashboard as preferred.