Viewer Permissions

In datapine, we differentiate between two user types – Users and Viewers. Active Users can edit and work on your dashboards, while Viewers have a read-only permission to your dashboards.


In general, Viewers are a type of user without any editing rights. You might want to create Viewers, if you would like to share your analysis with other teams or clients without giving them access to the raw data. Even though your viewers have read-only permission to your reports, they can use the filters on your dashboard tabs, share your results via export and drilldown into your charts and visualizations. This way, you can share your work in all its details, without having to grant too much information about the creation process of your projects.


The Viewer Portal


Viewers have an own portal at that they can use to login. This interface comes with a reduced functionality and less options than the full datapine interface. Here is a quick overview of the functions and options available in the Viewer portal.


  1. Viewers can access the organizations and dashboards they have been given access to.
  2. On the dashboards, they have a reduced set of functions to use including display filters, use full screen mode, export the dashboard tab and refresh the dashboard page.
  3. Viewers can apply the filters that you have added to the dashboard and which are not hidden from other users.
  4. The interactive options that you have added to your charts can also be used and applied by Viewers such as Click-to-Filter, Drill-Down and Zoom.
  5. Viewer can also access the same chart options in view mode including refresh chart, enlarge chart, show data in table format and export chart into pdf, png or xls.

overview of datapine's viewer portal / interface