Google AdWords Through Google Analytics

You might want to connect your Google AdWords data to datapine to analyze your visitor’s activity after they have clicked on an ad or after an impression. Therefore, you will need to connect the Google Analytics property that is linked to your AdWords Account. Follow the step-by-step tutorial below to learn how to connect Google AdWords to datapine and what you should keep in mind to successfully setup a connection with all your website data.


Prerequisites: Before you can connect your Google AdWords data to datapine your Google Analytics property needs to be linked to your AdWords account. Please make sure that the specific data view that you wish to connect, called Profile ID in datapine, is linked to Google AdWords. For more information on how to link Google Analytics data views to AdWords click here.


Connect Google AdWords to datapine


To connect your Google AdWords account to datapine start in the data connection screen that you can access with a click on Settings in upper right corner of the navigation bar.


1) In the Data Sources screen, click on the Google Analytics button to add it as a new data source to datapine.


how to connect google adwords data through google analytics to datapine


2) You will be forwarded to the Google Account Login screen. Please provide the email address and password of your Google Analytics Account and sign in.


google analytics login


Note: If Google bypasses the sign-in screen and goes directly to the approval screen it means you are already signed in to a Google account. If you are signed in, make sure you are using the right account that provides access to your Google Analytics information.


3) To setup the connection, please accept the request for permission and allow datapine to access your Google Analytics account.


accept google analytics access


4) In the following screen, we will ask you for the following information.


connect google adwords through google analytics to datapine


Custom Name: Please provide the name of your Google Analytics connection. This is the name of the data source that will be shown in datapine when working with this data.


Account ID: Choose the account ID of the account that you wish to connect from the dropdown list.


Web Property ID: Select the corresponding Web Property ID from the dropdown menu.


Profile ID: Select the interface view. Make sure that this view is assigned to your Google AdWords account to be able to access the AdWords data later.


Please click on Connect to continue with the connection setup.


5) After the connections is established all tables and fields associated with the connected Google Analytics interface view will now appear on the right side of the screen. To connect AdWords, make sure the AdWords table is selected. You may select and deselect additional tables and metrics by ticking the checkboxes next to the table and field names.


Note: Some dimensions and measures cannot be used together. See the Google Analytics Reference documentation.


6) Once you have selected all relevant tables and fields click on Save and Finish.


7) After the setup of you Google Analytics connection including your AdWords data was successful, you will get a notification. Your AdWords metrics can now be found in your Google Analytics data source connection.