Chart Options

In the Chart Options, you can customize the appearance of your charts and graphs such as the data labels, legend, font type and chart colors. This is another important aspect of your chart and dashboard creation, as it adds not only some customization (colors of your brand or client’s brand), but also a greater clarity to the data you display. The Chart Options are the little details that will make the whole difference when showing and sharing your data visualizations.


In datapine’s chart creator, you will find all the Chart Options at the top right corner of your Chart Preview, clicking on “Format Chart Area” in the drop down menu shown.


Edit the Data Labels




Data labels can be useful when you need to explicitly display the results as numbers and not only their visualization (regardless of the chart type you choose). You can add these data labels as absolute numbers or as percentages. Additionally, you can define the appearance of the data labels applying different font options. Indeed, datapine offers you the possibility to define the font style (bold, italic, both or none), the font size (from 8 to 20), or its color.




Customize the Legend


Whenever our Dimension contains two or more variables, datapine will automatically display a default legend at the bottom of your chart. You can then hide or reposition the legend at your will, as well change its appearance. Just like for the data labels, you have legend customization options, such as the style, the size and choose a certain color.




Change the Chart Font Type




Applying a custom font type to your chart, will change the appearance of the data labels, legend, axis labels and axis titles. datapine uses Arial as default font type for all new charts and dashboards. You otherwise have the choice between seven other font types, by clicking on the drop down menu.




Define Chart Colors




The chart color options let you define an individual color for the charts background, border and chart gridlines. That way, you can personalize your chart and brand it to your company’s colors, to your client’s colors or simply for your personal taste.