Null Values

Null values appear when some fields are left blank for some records of your data. For example, if you try to see the repartition of your customers per city, but for some customer the city is not known. How would you filter these null values out of your data or show only the null values?


Click on the field that contains the null values (in our previous example, the field “City”). On the right panel you will be able to exclude the null values. In the case you only want to display the customers whose city is unknown, select exclusively the null values. Depending on the data type of the field, there are different options to select or deselect the null values for a field.


Text fields


For text fields you will see a list of all values in the field editor. If some records have NULL values, NULL will be displayed as the first result in the list. Uncheck it to exclude Null values from your chart.




If you apply a filter on a date may it be static or dynamic NULL values will be excluded. If you only want to keep null values, you can click Advanced and select the option “Only show null values”.


Numeric fields

For numeric fields you can exclude or include NULL values by adding a condition. Click on Add criteria in the field editor. In the drop-down list, you have two options for handling null values, “IS NULL” or “IS NOT NULL”. Note that you can still combine this condition with other conditions on the same field.


Note: You can also exclude Null values using the filter panel on your dashboard.