Add A New Chart

There are several ways how to add a chart to your dashboard. You can either create a new chart and save it to a dashboard or copy and paste an existing chart from another tab or dashboard into your current project.


  1. In your Dashboard, click on Edit in the right upper corner of your dashboard screen to open the dashboard menu bar and switch to edit mode.
  2. You can now add a new chart to your dashboard starting from your dashboard menu by either clicking on the Add Chart icon in the menu bar or dragging and dropping this chart icon into the dashboard area right where you wish to place your new chart.


how to add a new chart to a dashboard in datapine


  1. In the new chart window please choose whether you want to add a new chart or use an existing chart from another dashboard or project.


Create a new chart


  1. If you select Create New you will be redirected to the Chart Creator.
  2. Create your chart. If required, click here for detailed instructions on how to create a chart.
  3. When you are finished with editing your chart click the Done button in the right upper corner of the Chart Creator. This will guide you back to the Dashboard screen, where your new chart will now appear.