Chart Colors

In datapine’s Global Style Options Menu, you can easily change the colors of your chart elements. Learn how easy and quick it is to adjust the global colors for all charts and graphs on your dashboard tab.


  1. On your dashboard, enable the Edit mode. Click on the Edit Button in the right corner of the dashboard tool bar.
  2. Then click on Appearance on the second tool bar.
  3. Select Global Style Options from the dropdown menu.

how to access the global style options for your dashboards in datapine


In the Global Style Options menu, you can change different chart elements such as chart and axis titles, axis values and data labels, the chart background as well as the chart data series colors. With many different charts on your dashboard you might want to apply a global style to all of them. Here is how to change the global chart colors in datapine.


  1. In the Global Style Options, click on the data series at the bottom of the menu for which you wish to define a new color.
  2. Choose a color from the Color Picker and Apply.
  3. Do the same for the other data series and then apply to your dashboard. You can save this color setting as a dashboard theme to reuse it later.