Define Font Types

In datapine, you can easily apply different font types to your charts to give them a professional look and quickly allign the look and feel of your visualizations in datapine to your corporate guidelines.


Note: In datapine, you can quickly change the look of an entire dashboard by applying a dashboard theme. Our predefined themes use different stlye elements and font styles to give your reports a nice and professional look. You may also setup your own default dashboard theme. Click here for more information on dashboard themes.


Start to build your chart in the Chart Creator by either dragging and dropping the fields into the visualization area or writing your own SLQ query into the SQL Box. To apply a custom font type to the axes and data labels of your chart open the Chart Options.


  1. Click on Chart Options in the right upper corner of the Chart Preview. Then select Format Chart Area from the dropdown menu.
  2. In the Chart Options on the right, go to the section Font.
  3. From the dropdown menu next to Font you may now choose a Font Type.
  4. Click on Apply at the bottom of the Chart Options to apply the new font type to the chart.


illusstration how to define font types in datapine