Tool Bar

The Tool Bar on top of the Chart Preview is where you have access to the different analytical functionalities and basic features for your analysis in datapine. Here you can clear your workspace, save and export your chart, create alerts or metrics and switch to the SQL mode to simply paste and run your own queries in datapine.


Basic Functions


clear-buttonA click on the Clear button will clear your workspace and remove all fields from measures and dimensions.



save-buttonThe Save button saves any changes made to an existing chart.



save-as-buttonUse the Save as… button to save a new chart to a new or existing dashboard folder or to one of your projects in MyDesk.



export-buttonThe Chart Export function enables you to generate a png, pdf or xls export of your chart and allows you to share this content with other people via email. Click here to learn how to export your chart into the right format.



Advanced Functions


alert-buttonThe Alert function allows you to setup automated alerts based on thresholds, neuronal networks or pattern recognition. Please click here to learn how to setup an automated alert in datapine.

Note: This feature is only available for accounts on a premium plan or larger.


metric-buttonThe metric builder lets you build custom formulas and metrics via simple Drag & Drop. Click here for more information on how to build custom formulas or how to create metrics using fields from different data sources.


sql-box-buttonWrite or paste your own SQL queries into the SQL box and visualize the results in datapine. For more details on how to use the SQL box click here.


auto-query-buttonEnabling the Auto Query function when building a chart will put you in control of when a query gets send to your database. This helps to reduce the number of requests sent to your server when working with datapine.