Edit A Mobile Dashboard (Mobile Mode)



After adding your desired dashboard elements to your mobile screen, you may now wish to adjust their size, placement, and style.


Please note, that any changes regarding size, placement, and style in the mobile mode will only affect the elements in mobile mode and not on your dashboard screen.


Let us guide you through the steps on how to edit a mobile dashboard in datapine.



Edit the size of dashboard elements



1. Enter the mobile mode by clicking on the MOBILE MODE button in the upper toolbar on your dashboard.



2. To adjust the size, click on the dashboard element that you would like to edit. Two triangles will appear in the lower corners of the element. Click on one of the triangles and drag to fit your desired height and/or width.


How to adapt chart size in mobile mode



Please bear in mind that the charts will be displayed on a small mobile screen and resizing them too small may make them unreadable. You can always check that the size is readable on a mobile device.




Move dashboard elements



To move the dashboard elements in the mobile mode, simply click on the element you would like to move and drag it to a new position on the mobile screen.


You might also want to auto align your dashboard elements, to do this click on the AUTO ALIGN ELEMENTS button underneath the mobile screen template. Your dashboard elements will then be vertically aligned removing any gaps between them.




Edit Style Options of dashboard elements



Editing your dashboard elements in mobile mode works the same way as in the standard dashboard mode. To edit the style of an element, start by clicking on the element you would like to edit. The toolbar on the right side of the mobile mode will appear.


How to edit charts in the mobile mode in datapine using the chart toolbar



By clicking on the mobile screen background or the grey background surrounding the mobile screen template, the toolbar for the tab style of your mobile screen will be displayed.



Copy Format


To copy the format of one dashboard element to another move your mouse over the element with the format you want to copy. Click on the brush icon that appears in the upper right corner of your item. With the format copy mode active (the brush icon will be black), click on the dashboard element that has the formatting you would like to change, the format will then be copied to this element.


How to copy the format of a chart in mobile mode