Scatter Plot Chart

Scatter plots charts help you to detect a correlation in large datasets between two variables. Scatter plots contain a dependent variable shown on the Y-Axis (What to measure) and an independent variable shown on the X-Axis (Dimension).


They bring confusing large sets of data to an understanding, and make sense out of them. Indeed, the shape of the huge sets of data points tells a story that we can often see with a bare eye. So you got it: one of the many advantages of the scatter plot chart over the other charts is that it can deal with great amounts of data, finding trends, patterns, clusters and other relationships in the cloud of data points. Adding a trend line to your scatterplot will visualize the correlation between the two variables and highlight how statistically significant it is.


Note: Remember that correlation does not equal causation, and scatter plots only work when you have a large data set and a correlation. Without these conditions, you cannot draw any conclusion, as it remains possible that other, invisible variables that have not been measured/taken into account in the making of the chart, can influence the results you have.


Note 2: you need datasets that are large enough to see clear results. With too little data or no correlation, trend or pattern, this chart will be of no help!


How to create a Scatter Plot with a Trend Line


scatter plot with trendline created with datapine


  1. Click on Analyze in the upper navigation bar to open the Chart Creator.
  2. Choose Chart Type in the lower navigation bar and select Scatter plot.
  3. Drag and drop the field you want to measure into the Y-Axis area and the field for which you wish to split up your data set into the X-Axis area.
  4. Right click with your mouse on one of the data points in the chart. From the drop down menu select Advanced Options.
  5. At the bottom of the Advanced Options on the right side of the screen you can add a trendline to your chart by selecting Show Trendline. Select from different types of trendlines you wish to use and optionally display the trend fit in the chart’s legend by selecting the respective checkbox.