Assign Recepient

When setting up an alert you will receive email alerts for this alarm by default. However, you may add or remove recipients from receiving these alert emails.


1) In your alarm overview, access the alert to which you wish to add a recipient.


2) In the right upper corner of the alert’s settings, you will have access to the alert recipients. To add or remove recipients click on Edit recipients.


how to edit the recipients for an alert in datapine


3) To add a new recipient, type the name or email of that person into the search field of the popup and then add the person to the list of users below.


Note: To be able to add a person as a recipient to an alert, this person must be a user in your datapine account. Please click here to learn how to add a new user.


4) Click Save to apply the changes to the alert settings.


how to save changes for the recipients of an alert in datapine