Drill Down

Using the drill down function, you can easily drill down into lower hierarchies of your data using a double click. This allows you do get in-depth insights within a matter of seconds. Learn how to create a drill down function on your dashboard to allow your viewers to easily drill down into specific charts.


drill down example on datapine dashboard


Add a Drill Down


A drill down basically gives you a more detailed view on one of the variables in your dashboard. Therefore, we will need at least two different levels of a certain category to be able to setup a Drill Down. In the example above we’ve used ‘Sales by Product Category’ and added the Drill Down ‘Sales by Product’. Applying the Drill Down the viewer of the dashboard will go from Product Category down to the individual Products of the selected category.


Here is how to add a drill down to a chart:


  1. In Dashboard Edit mode, move your mouse to the chart you want to use for the drill down.
  2. Open the Chart Options, then select Interactive Options and click on Drill Down.
  3. You will be redirected to the Chart Creator to setup your Drill Down chart. Add the same metric to Measures as used in the chart on which you want to place the drill down. Then add the field containing the variables (ideally one level lower than the one of the source chart) to the Dimension. You can then add any other fields to Decompose or Filter by. Click Done to save your chart as a Drill Down.

To drill down into your chart, switch to Dashboard View mode and double click onto the variable you want to drill in.