Drill Down


A drilldown is an additional chart that offers an insight into your data at a deeper level or at a lower hierarchy. A drilldown is attached to a chart and the drilldown is displayed like a pop-up when a user double-clicks on the chart area. Drilldowns are an effective way of presenting more in-depth insights whilst not overcrowding your dashboard with charts that you may not always wish to see on your main dashboard display. Drilldowns allow you to get in-depth insights quickly and easily. Learn how to create a drilldown on your dashboard to allow your viewers to easily drill down into specific charts.

drill down example on datapine dashboard


Add a Drill Down


A drilldown gives you a more detailed view of one of the variables in your dashboard. When creating a drilldown, it is best to have a category with at least two different levels or subcategories. In the example above we have used ‘Sales by Product Category’ and added the drilldown ‘Sales by Product’.

With the ‘Sales by Product’ drilldown added to ‘Sales by Product Category’, the viewer of the dashboard can easily switch between viewing the data from ‘Product Category’ down to the insights regarding individual products of the product category.

Here is how to add a drill down to a chart:



  1. In dashboard edit mode, hover your mouse over the chart where you would like to add a drilldown.
  1. Click on the settings icon in the top right corner to open the Chart Options, then select Interactive Options and click on Add Drilldown.


How to add a drilldown to a datapine dashboard


  1. You will be redirected to the Chart creator where you can now create your drilldown chart. Add the appropriate metrics into the chart creator, bearing in mind that your drilldown should ideally show a more detailed insight into your data, or a level lower of your data than displayed in the source chart. Just like in an ordinary chart you can add metrics to decompose or filter your chart by. Click on the DONE button to save your chart as a drilldown.
  1. To display your drilldown, switch to the view mode and double-click on the chart that you added the drilldown to.



Please note: The drilldown will be automatically filtered on the filters that are currently enabled on your dashboard. For example, if you have a filter on ‘Country’ active and you have determined that your data be only filtered on ‘Australia’; then your drilldown data will also be filtered on the value ‘Australia’ .