Add Existing Chart

What if you already have a chart saved to another dashboard that you would also like to place on to your new dashboard?


In your dashboard, enable the Edit mode with a click on the edit icon in the right upper corner of the dashboard and click on Add Chart.


  1. If you’d like to add an existing chart from another dashboard or project to your current tab, click on Use Existing in the add chart popup.
  2. This will open a list of dashboards and projects on the left side of your dashboard screen.

how to add an existing chart to a dashboard in datapine


  1. To navigate through the dashboards and projects, first click on the location of your dashboard, either My Projects or Dashboards. Then click on the dashboard name which contains the chart you wish to add to your current tab. This will open a dropdown list of all charts saved to this dashboard below. Simply grab an item and drop it into the dashboard area.