Connect CSV File Via Link



If you wish to connect a dynamic CSV file to datapine that needs to be regularly updated choose the Upload File from Cloud Storage option. This enables you to easily update this file later on.


Please note: When connecting a flat file via URL, all changes to your file will be automatically detected and reflected in your charts.



  1. Make sure that your CSV files meets our requirements.
  2. Go to CONNECT in the top menu bar.
  3. If you have a data source connected already please click on the green button +ADD DATA SOURCE. Otherwise this step will be skipped.
  4. Select the option CSV via link.

How to add a CSV from a link



  1. Follow the instructions on the upload page. Paste the link into the URL to csv file box and then click the Upload file button.
  2. Follow step 6 from Upload a CSV from your computer to adjust the format of your CSV file if needed. The only additional information required is the update interval of your CSV file. Please select the time interval in which you wish your CSV file to be automatically updated before you click on the Import File button.




Using CSV files is a good option as they are quite an efficient way to store data, as they also are easy to generate, smaller in size, and they can be exported from Excel files. They also have other advantages, like the simplicity of their implementation and analysis, thanks to the straightforward information they provide, or the fact that they can be processed by almost any application or software that exists. But most of all, they are easy to use for non-technical people.


A dynamic CSV file is like a normal CSV file, but it is saved in Dropbox, Google Drive or Box. You connect it to datapine from one of those cloud storage services instead of uploading it from a local folder on your computer. That way, any change made in that source file will automatically be synchronized on datapine, keeping your charts and dashboards always up-to-date. Thanks to that, you avoid the process of uploading new static files saved under a local folder every time you bring changes to them, which is much faster and convenient. In datapine you can choose between different automatic update intervals of your dynamic csv files like 24 hours or every week. Additionally you can update them at any time manually by clicking just one button.