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Best Dashboard Ideas & Design Examples To Boost Your Business

21 dashboard design ideas by datapine

The ability to monitor, visualize and analyze relevant data gives today’s businesses across sectors the power to understand their prospects, make informed decisions, increase efficiencies, and work towards a set of rewarding long-term goals.

With so much data available to today’s brands and businesses, extracting every last drop of value from an ever-growing raft of digital insights while setting a raft of business-boosting KPIs commands an easy-to-use, eye-grabbing digital dashboard.

There are plenty of cool dashboard ideas and designs available in today’s digitally-driven world, and we’re going to introduce you to 21 of the best, each hand-picked from our ever-growing selection of dashboard design examples.

Get ready for maximum dashboard design inspiration.

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The Value Of Different Dashboard Ideas & Designs

We will present dashboard inspiration ideas that communicate data analysis in an engaging, accessible way. Building an effective report following some dashboard design principles is crucial to a comprehensive BI process. That said, here are the primary reasons why data-driven design is so integral to business success:

1) Visualization: When working with your analytics and digging out insights from your data, the best way to understand it is through visualization. Great designs, created with a modern dashboard maker, will ensure that your data-driven insights become more accessible, helping you to make more informed, more powerful business decisions. On the contrary, poorly designed dashboards not only fail to convey essential information, but they can make your data completely incomprehensible and, therefore, redundant.

2) Focus: There are various types of reports that cover different goals and areas. Well-designed dashboards are particularly effective as they offer a greater focus on specific areas of the business. A cool dashboard is not only visually pleasing, but it also offers a level of logical organization that makes it easier to drill down into specific key performance indicators (KPIs), trends, or patterns. In turn, you will improve communication and data-driven competency throughout the organization, catalyzing your success in the process.

3) Collaboration: As mentioned, cool dashboard designs improve communication at a strategic level as they present information in a way that everyone within the organization can understand and digest. By improving internal communication, top dashboard designs also encourage collaboration. If you follow best practices and display your company’s most invaluable insights in one central location, you will make it easy for departments to share their discoveries, set benchmarks, and work cohesively towards a common goal. The result? Increased innovation as well as a boost in productivity - and most likely, profitability. If you want to learn more about the power of strategic communication for business success check out this insightful guide on the topic.

4) Responsiveness: By placing ample focus on making great online dashboards, you will increase your level of responsiveness. Cool dashboard designs allow the user to extract valuable insights at a glance and develop swift solutions as they arise. Also, if you’re able to identify a positive trend as it’s emerging, you’ll be able to pounce on it and take full advantage - another clearcut benefit of creating great dashboards.

5) Lifelong innovation: Another reason to invest in solid digital dashboard designs is continual access to previously hidden insights. A well-presented, interactive data visualization tool will help you uncover trends, patterns, and insights you typically miss. By connecting with these insights, you will gain the ability to develop strategies and initiatives that will give you an edge over your competitors, both internally (from an organizational and talent-nurturing perspective) and in the eyes of your customers.

Spanning a selection of core industries, sectors, and departments, these top dashboard inspirations are not only incredibly efficient and functional but also will not tire you of looking at them on a day-to-day basis. Keep in mind that your brand should remain consistent in your visual efforts - a graphic design software, whether free or paid, can have an invaluable effect on your graphic design and overall brand identity.

"Design is intelligence made visible." -- Alina Wheeler, author

Best Dashboard Ideas You Can Get Inspiration From

Good dashboard inspiration is essential for guiding your company’s data analytics efforts. From financial dashboard design to analytical design and beyond, these best dashboard design inspirations will not only demonstrate the power of modern data analytics done the right way, but they will also mold your own plans and ideas.

Let’s start by looking at how cool dashboards can help to streamline your company’s promotional efforts.

1) Marketing KPI Dashboard

The first of our dashboard design examples, the marketing KPI dashboard is the perfect companion for marketing managers, executives, and budding business owners looking to reach out and connect with new prospects, the marketing dashboard provides a navigable overview of critical KPIs that give a comprehensive insight into elements such as cost per acquisition, customer lifetime value, and most importantly, return on investment.

Great dashboard idea for a monthly marketing report showing main costs and revenue KPIs

**click to enlarge**

Not only will this dashboard help you to improve, personalize, and enhance your business’s most important ongoing promotional activities, but as it is one of our most intuitive designs, obtaining snapshots of relevant data is quick and easy on the eye. A cool dashboard boasting eye-catching displays and actionable functionality.

Primary KPIs:

  • Cost per Acquisition (CPA)
  • Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV)
  • Return on Investment (ROI)

2) Web Analytics Dashboard

When you’re talking about data-driven designs that provide an easy-to-digest overview of critical marketing KPIs in addition to a logical, aesthetically satisfying layout, our web analytics dashboard certainly delivers.

One of the best dashboard design examples depicts web analytics and tracking important online marketing KPIs

**click to enlarge**

Incredible design aside, this invaluable dashboard is a powerful tool for marketing pursuits and activities across a broad range of sectors as it bestows you with the ability to understand the behavior of your users on a deeper level, in turn, empowering you to connect with your target audience on a more meaningful level while significantly improving the user experience (UX) of your website.

Primary KPIs:

  • Bounce Rate
  • Average Sessions Duration
  • Goal Conversion Rates
  • Landing Page Conversion Rates

3) Sales performance dashboard

The next one in our rundown of best dashboard design examples is sales-focused. Our dynamic sales performance dashboard provides a clearcut top-level view of departmental progress, targets, strengths, and weaknesses with a simple glance.

A sales dashboard showing performance metrics such as sales growth, sales target, ARPU, CLV, etc.

**click to enlarge**

This visually-balanced dashboard idea is armed with five cohesive KPIs that offer a wealth of insight into vital functions including sales growth, specific benchmarks, average revenue per unit (ARPU), acquisition costs, and customer lifetime value (CLV).

Working with this digestible dashboard, senior sales executives can mitigate any potential performance issues as they arise while making informed, confident decisions that ultimately boost conversion rates and improve return on investment (ROI) across the board.

One of the most effective functions of this sales dashboard is the fact that it provides the tools to make targeted strategic tweaks and ultimately improve customer loyalty with tactics that drive more revenue to your business. As one of the beating hearts of any modern business, your sales department must be cohesive, adaptive, and innovative. This most potent of data dashboard ideas will empower you to do just that.

Primary KPIs:

  • Sales Growth
  • Sales Target
  • ARPU
  • Acquisition Cost
  • CLV

4) Management KPI Dashboard

For those responsible for their business’s ongoing sales conversions, optimization, and strategy, this particular dashboard boasts a wealth of insights into acquisition costs, management metrics, target revenue, and more in one neat and tidy place.

Management executive dashboard showing the important KPIs to C-level executives

**click to enlarge**

Moreover, this sales report-inspired dashboard sports one of the best designs on the market, visualizing key data through a mix of perfectly color-coded graphs and charts that are not only pleasing to look at but also make extracting important information swift and simple. For top executives, this is one of the good dashboard examples to gain an overview and a strong tool to make the best data-driven decisions for their business.

Primary KPIs:

  • Customer Acquisition Costs
  • Customer Lifetime Value
  • Sales Target

5) Financial Performance Dashboard

When it comes to your company’s ongoing financial health, one of the most critical areas to focus on is your spending efficiency, and a failure to do so could cost your organization plenty of unnecessary expenses in the long run.

A balance sheet is a good overview of the assets and debts of your company at a specific moment

**click to enlarge**

One of the great dashboard design inspirations, our financial dashboard tracks performance and drills down into returns on equity and assets, and its linear yet attractive balance sheet coupled with its wonderfully arranged metric charts make it a joy to use.

Primary KPIs:

  • Return on Assets
  • Return on Equity
  • Working Capital Ratio
  • Debt-Equity Ratio
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6) Employee Performance Dashboard

Your business is only as effective as your workforce which is the very reason that monitoring both individual and collective employee performance is so vital. The next dashboard inspiration was created with a modern HR analytics software.

Employee performance depicted with business intelligence reporting processes

**click to enlarge**

Ideal for HR managers and those responsible for specific departments, the employee performance dashboard is one of our top dashboard design examples with a scannable screen arrangement and a striking color scheme to match. By understanding your employees’ strengths, weaknesses, and behavior you will be able to make the changes you need to motivate, inspire, and engage your team for success – and this HR dashboard will help you do just that.

Primary KPIs

  • Absenteeism Rate
  • Overtime Hours
  • Training Costs
  • Employee Productivity

7) Content Quality Control Dashboard 

Now more than ever, content counts. Thought-leading brand content in addition to a mix of value-driven messaging and copy across various digital channels or touchpoints is one of the most effective ways of engaging, inspiring, and retaining valuable customers. As far as great dashboards go in the area of content performance monitoring, our dynamic quality control dashboard is up there with the best of them.

Dashboard design idea of a content quality control dashboard for digital media

**click to enlarge**

By delivering a continual mix of insightful content that answers burning consumer questions or addresses your audiences’ needs head-on, you will propel the growth of your organization to new commercial heights. If you get your content marketing efforts and brand communications right, you will benefit from better search engine positioning, improved brand visibility, and a significantly enhanced brand reputation.

Our slick content quality control dashboard will give you the tools to ensure that all of your content sings, enriching the lives of your consumers and prompting organizational growth (as well as a healthy ROI) in the process.

One of our very best dashboard examples for content, this dynamic data-driven hub comes complete with a Flesch Reading Test analysis tool to ensure every piece of content you deliver is inclusive, natural, clear, and understandable.

In addition to quantifying the readability of your content, you can also dig deeper into the impact of specific content marketing efforts based on overall consumer engagement (comments per article), subscribers earned, and best-performing articles. Here, you have all you need to optimize your content marketing efforts in one neat space - one of our favorite examples of good dashboards.

Primary KPIs:

  • Flesch Reading Ease
  • Average Comments per Article
  • Story Turnaround Time

8) Customer Satisfaction Dashboard

In today’s hyper-connected digital world, the consumer reigns the supreme hold, trusting the opinions and testimonials of their peers above all else. That said, keeping your customers happy consistently is of paramount importance to any modern business.

Dashboard ideas for customer satisfaction: This dashboard displays the customer effort score, the net promoter score, that both impact the customer satisfaction

**click to enlarge**

One of our most popular and effective dashboard templates, focusing on satisfaction metrics such as customer effort score, is geared towards maintaining a solid NPS score, retaining valuable customers, and optimizing your service levels to remain competitive in a cutthroat commercial landscape. Boasting a digestible color coordination key and a symmetrical design that has been developed for the swift analysis of critical consumer information, this is the dashboard you need to satisfy existing customers and attract new people to your business.

Primary KPIs

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Net Promoter Score
  • Customer Effort Score
  • Customer Retention

9) Customer Service Team Dashboard

Building on our previous point: to deliver exceptional levels of service to your customers, your customer service team must be happy, productive, cohesive, and firing on all cylinders.

One of the customer service dashboard design examples focuses on the team metrics and KPIs

**click to enlarge**

As far as great dashboard arrangements go, this is up there with the best of them, and it offers all of the customer service KPIs and metrics you need to improve your department, develop your staff’s skills, and enrich your consumer-facing strategies. Plus, this most epic of data-driven designs will make improving your customer service efforts and spotting key trends a genuine pleasure rather than an undesirable chore.

Primary KPIs

  • Average Response Time
  • First Call Resolution
  • Top Agents
  • Number of Issues

10) Procurement KPI Dashboard

Regardless of your industry or niche, it’s likely that you will have a procurement process or department to ensure the efficient delivery of products, services, and assets. And in many ways, this is one of the backbones of your entire operation.

One of the best dashboards provides an overview of the most essential metrics of the procurement department

**click to enlarge**

One of the top design inspirations in the lineup, our procurement overview platform provides a detailed bird’s eye overview of important procurement KPIs such as purchase order lifecycles, supplier performance, supplier volumes, and compliance rates. In addition to offering the insights required to make your procurement processes as smooth and cost-effective as possible, the design allows you to view all relevant silos of information in logical segments, speeding up the decision-making process as a direct result.

Primary KPIs

  • Compliance Rate
  • Number of Suppliers
  • Purchase Order Cycle Time

11) IT Issue Management Dashboard

It doesn’t matter what industry you’re involved with, the IT department requires an exceptional level of efficiency and organization to ensure that the company’s infrastructure is operational. A failure to do so could result in disaster.

IT dashboard design examples: this one is tracking the occurrence of technical issues to improve system operational performance

**click to enlarge**

To help avoid such detrimental issues, we have developed an IT issue tracker – and it’s one of our most comprehensive dashboard creations to date. With an irresistible interface, this IT dashboard not only helps technical staff make critical improvements to infrastructure and task completion times but its striking design exists to help manage unsolved tickets, issues, and critical server information with ease.

Primary KPIs:

  • Server Downtime
  • Meantime To Repair
  • Unsolved Tickets Per Employee
  • IT Support Employees per End Users

12) Salesforce Pipeline Dashboard

Salesforce is one of the planet’s most respected CRM platforms - and it’s easy to understand why. This comprehensive platform arms organizations across sectors with the essential insights required to enhance every conceivable aspect of their operational process.

Salesforce dashboard idea for inspiration: a pipeline dashboard to optimize the sales funnel

**click to enlarge**

A crossover between financial dashboard design and a sales initiative visualization hub, our Salesforce dashboard is equipped with digestible visual KPIs that will tell you all you need to know about the precise value of your sales pipeline.

Armed with one of our great dashboard examples for sales managers, it’s possible to hone in on your best sales opportunities at a glance while visualizing your best- and worst-case scenario in terms of revenue. By doing so, you can invest your efforts into the warmest leads - those that are likely to offer the best return on investment.

It’s also possible to get a clearcut grasp of monetary value at every key stage of the open sales funnel while making detailed projections that will give your sales and marketing initiatives definitive direction. If you’re looking to take your Salesforce insights a step further and gain a genuine edge on the competition, this great dashboard design is what you need to get the job done.

Primary KPIs:

  • Annual Contractual Value (ACV)
  • Open Pipeline Value
  • Open Pipeline by Product Package
  • Pipeline Value Forecast
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13) Investor Relations Dashboard

For senior personnel and key departmental managers, these most excellent digital designs provide a functional snapshot of all of the activity, trends, and patterns related to the company’s investments and investors. This financial report example is very helpful to any investor who wants to know where they put their money.

One of cool dashboards to visualize finance KPIs intended for investors

**click to enlarge**

Assisting in the management and continual development, optimization of all investment-based pursuits, this tool is invaluable and as one of our best dashboards for inspiration, all of the information you need is displayed in the kind of graphics that you will want to engage with on a daily basis.

Primary KPIs

  • Return on Assets
  • Return on Equity
  • P/E Ratio
  • Share Price
  • Debt-Equity Ratio

14) Transportation Dashboard

It doesn’t matter what your company does or what sector you specialize in. To run your business with any real success, logistics should always be a top priority. The best dashboard for transportation logistics, this dynamic analytics dashboard design example is both visually balanced and functionally sound.

Logistics Transportation Dashboard visualizing essential KPIs when it comes to delivery

**click to enlarge**

Focused on two critical areas of transportation logistics, this best dashboard illustration offers a wealth of insight into delivery time and transportation cost. With balanced colors, a scannable screen arrangement, and KPI charts that offer clear-cut insights into trends and patterns, this particular logistics dashboard offers everything you could possibly need to streamline your processes while making them more economical, at a glance.

This is one of our best dashboard design examples for logistical operations and something that could save your organization significant amounts of time as well as money.

Primary KPIs:

  • Delivery Time
  • Transportation Costs

15) Hospital Performance Dashboard

When it comes to hospitals and medical institutions, choosing the right dashboard ideas can make the difference between life and death. With so many functions as well as departments and so few hours in the day, without the right tools and processes, hospital data becomes fragmented and, as a result, diluted. Given the critical nature of hospitals, fragmented, watered-down data simply will not do.

Hospital analytics dashboard design to monitor the performance of the facility

**click to enlarge**

The combination of the right BI tool and a superior KPI dashboard design will make a hospital more fluent, more functional, and better equipped to take care of its patients. Our hospital dashboard is a testament to that very notion.

Peppered with clear-cut targets and visual benchmarks, this powerful sample dashboard design created with modern healthcare analytics software, is integral to the ongoing scalability, success, and cohesion of any busy medical institution. Boasting a perfectly arranged visual interface, this dashboard gives you access to integrated operational and economical data at a swift glance.

From average stay and readmission rates to cost by payer, the information featured in this dynamic BI dashboard will ensure that you keep unnecessary expenditure down while squeezing every last drop of value from your various resources.

Primary KPIs:

  • Average Hospital Stay
  • Hospital Readmission Rates
  • Costs By Payer

16) Manufacturing Cost Management Dashboard

One of our best dashboard examples for companies that physically build or process their goods of products, our cost management manufacturing dashboard will help you keep a sustainable handle on your ongoing expenditure.

One of the best dashboard ideas comes from the manufacturing industry, here showing the return on assets, asset turnover, maintenance costs, and unit costs with target

**click to enlarge**

A sample dashboard design that is easy to digest on any screen or device, this is one of our most powerful examples for businesses with manufacturing-based processes. As an asset-heavy sector, to truly thrive, you must be able to evolve and respond to constant change. With manufacturing metrics geared towards managing your asset turnover and maintenance as well as cost per unit, here, you have everything you need to make vital improvements and push yourself ahead of the pack with confidence.

Primary KPIs:

  • Asset Turnover
  • Unit Costs
  • Return on Assets
  • Maintenance Costs

17) Pick and Pack Scorecard

If you’re looking for cool dashboards designs to improve your logistics efforts, look no further than our dynamic pick & pack performance scorecard.

A pick and pack dashboard tracking different areas of the picking and packing process is the perfect dashboard inspiration for logistics

**click to enlarge**

Packed with scannable dashboard inspiration, our pick and pack scorecard is ideal for any business looking to maximize efficiency across its entire order processing process. With a linear yet visually striking design, you can drill down into associated pick and pack costs as well as cycle times across four key performance categories.

Working with this specific dashboard full of valuable logistics metrics, it’s also possible to identify where you might need to offer support or streamline your processing initiatives to improve accuracy while monitoring return rates and tracking the usage of packing materials.

As one of our most progressive logistics-based dashboard inspirations, this interactive scorecard will ultimately help you reduce waste, improve pick and picking times, enhance interdepartmental communication, and gain better returns for your efforts.

The result? A better brand reputation coupled with greater financial efficiency and the ability to remain robust as well as adaptable when changes or challenges occur.

Primary KPIs:

  • Pick & Pack Costs
  • Pick & Pack Cycle Time
  • Picking Accuracy
  • Use of Packing Material
  • Equipment Utilization Rate

18) Brand Analysis Dashboard 

Your brand is integral to your ongoing commercial success or evolution. Niche or industry aside, your brand gives both prospective and existing clients or customers an understanding of your business values, voice, and position within the market.

A market research dashboard displaying the results of a brand analysis survey in a visually appealing way

**click to enlarge**

Looking after your brand reputation, boosting awareness, and knowing how people perceive your business is critical if you want to set yourself apart from the competition. Fortunately, this most incredible of dashboard design examples cover all bases.

Featuring a wealth of easy-to-understand data visualizations, this innovative dashboard helps you confidently gauge what your audience looks for in a brand, as well as which brands they associate with certain products.

You can also monitor instances where you’ve earned unaided brand awareness, using these priceless insights to strengthen your reputation across other channels or touchpoints. The dashboard’s celebrity analysis KPI is particularly effective for big promotional campaigns or influencer marketing initiatives, as you can discover, at a glance, which public figures are associated with your brand (or brands like yours).

Here, you have everything required to preserve, improve, and understand your brand image - making informed tweaks, changes, or updates where necessary. It’s a brand-boosting dashboard sample design that will work wonders for your business.

Primary KPIs:

  • Unaided Brand Awareness
  • Aided Brand Awareness
  • Brand Image
  • Celebrity Analysis

19) Daily Operational Zendesk Dashboard

If your company is largely cloud-based and uses Zendesk to manage some of your core customer-facing operations, this is one of the best dashboard examples for you. While Zendesk is a powerful tool, without the ability to drill down deeper into particular pockets of data, you won’t experience the full benefit of the platform.

One of the best dashboard design: a Zendesk dashboard showing KPis such as tickets solved by agent, first response time, and full resolution time

**click to enlarge**

Our operations-based Zendesk dashboard boasts a balanced color scheme in addition to data visualizations that offer accessible insights into practical trends and metrics.

The top section of the dashboard offers scannable call center reporting metrics based on issues and tickets that have either been solved or are in progress, while the bottom half provides visual data offering performance trends over a specified time period.

By gaining access to this integral information in one easy-to-access space, you can make swift improvements to your customer service initiatives while supporting agents that might need a little help or training in specific areas of the business. In doing so, you will accelerate the success of your business, winning on the commercial battlefield, one customer at a time.

Primary KPIs:

  • Tickets & Ticket-Status
  • First Response Time (FRT)
  • Average Resolution Time

20) LinkedIn Company Page Dashboard

In the professional world, LinkedIn is a social platform that provides invaluable networking opportunities, regardless of your industry or sector. Understanding how to use it to your full advantage will help you boost brand awareness while forging connections that will offer a wealth of business-boosting potential.

KPI dashboard design focused on LinkedIn company page metrics such as engagement rate, followers by industry, and click-through-rate, among others

**click to enlarge**

With an expertly arranged mix of 5 cohesive KPI visualizations, this top-notch social media report design allows you to drill down into the performance of your various posts while giving you a glimpse under the skin of your follower demographics.

By getting a firm grasp of post-performance and engagement as well as content reach, you will be able to formulate ideas and strategies that will help you connect with the right audience on a personal level. In doing so, you will create a wider sense of brand awareness while growing your audience in a way that will benefit the ongoing success of your business.

Primary KPIs:

  • Viewer Information
  • Contact & Network Growth
  • Profile Views by Job Title
  • Post Views & Engagements

In the digital age, it’s important to engage with potential partners or prospects in a way that really resonates with them—cutting through the noise with every piece of correspondence. Our digital dashboard will help you do just that.

21) Page Tracking Dashboard

Suppose you're responsible for developing a seamless user experience (UX) for your business's customers, or you're a marketer looking to build on your Google Analytics insights. In that case, this page tracking dashboard is for you.

The Google Analytics Page Tracking Dashboard enables you to track the quality of your overall website traffic. It focuses on all the metrics that can be measured on a page and provides in-depth information about your website

**click to enlarge**

Armed with this perfect storm of charts, graphs, and insights, you will benefit from a deep-dive insight into your best-performing web pages while gaining a deeper understanding of how much (or little) your page content engages your users.

As one of our best dashboard examples for UX designers and marketers, this cutting-edge data visualization hub also offers a concise insight into time on-page, in addition to page bounce rates according to different browsers (Chrome, Explorer, etc.). This invaluable melting pot of information will not only give you the intelligence to optimize your page designs or content to improve engagement rates, but it will also give you the direction required to optimize performance across regions, countries, and web browser tools.

Load time is a vital factor concerning page performance - and here, you can monitor different load times per county, giving you the insight to drill down into any potential technical issues that are increasing your bounce rates and hindering the growth of your business.

Primary KPIs:

  • Time on Page
  • Average Page Load Time
  • Bounce Rate by Browser
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Interactive Dashboards For Data-driven Decisions!

Whether you’re talking about financial dashboard design, logistical analytics, marketing strategy, or any other important business function you can think of, by working with the best dashboard for the job and creating visually balanced data-driven arrangements, you will make your organization leaner, meaner, and more intelligent than ever.

Data dashboards empower you to make the best choices for your business in a way that is accessible and convenient. By customizing your dashboards according to the best design practices, you will squeeze every last drop of value from the metrics and insights available to you. This is how you will win on today’s hyper-connected digital battlefield.

We hope this specially curated list of 21 great dashboard design inspirations and ideas has served to inspire and enlighten you in the ways of data-driven business evolution.

If you would like to learn more about our comprehensive key performance indicators while gaining a deeper insight into our many department-specific metrics, tools, and platforms, explore our powerful mix of modern business dashboard examples.

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