Business Intelligence made easy

The all-in-one data visualization software
for your small or medium-sized business

drag and drop interface of datapine's BI software EASY - NO SQL KNOWLEDGE REQUIRED

Create reports, tables, charts, or complicated cross-database SQL queries in a matter of seconds
with our simple Drag & Drop interface – all without writing a single line of code.

powerful analytical engines FAST Setup & Database Connection

datapine directly connects to your current database structure.
No restructuring or analytical database schema is required.

interactive charts and dashboards Agile Charts and Dashboards

Our huge selection of chart types, table options and dashboard elements
helps you to always visualize your data in the best way possible.

smart metric builder Powerful Metric Builder

Our smart and powerful Metric Builder supports you with all basic calculations, while
our Expression Library empowers you to write any function you can think of.

high-speed data warehouse Scalable Data Storage Service

Increase your query speed significantly and conduct cross-database
queries without the need of building a Data Warehouse.

mobile acess to datapine's busines intelligence software Mobile Access from anywhere

Our private cloud infrastructure gives you the freedom to access your data from
anywhere with any device. You can even build ad-hoc queries on your tablet.

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These companies are already making sense of their data
datapine offers a flexible, easy-to-use and powerful tool that finally enables me to extract and monitor all required metrics for our daily business.
Sebastian Diemer CEO, Kreditech
datapine helps us to analyze and monitor customer, product and revenue metrics on a granular level or as part of our daily management report.
Philippa Pauen CEO, Wummelkiste
The ability to automate reporting and share dynamic dashboards in real-time is what I like the most. Being able to set up an investor board and not have to care of it every week saves us a lot of time.
Robin von Hein CEO, Schutzklick
10% of our IT resources are spent on creating database queries for our Business Department. This costs us time and money that could be better spent in further improving our product.
Matthias Laug CTO, Lieferando
The ability to quickly explore data and create a chart or pivot table without knowing any SQL changes the way we analyze data in our company.
Christopher Oster COO, Wimdu
The ability to execute SQL queries myself is what excited me the most. Being able to extract and analyze information from our database within a few minutes saves me hours each week.
Moritz Klussmann CEO, Customer Alliance

Visualize and Explore your data with our self service BI software

self-service business intelligence software with intuitive drag and drop interface

Self-Service Business Intelligence

datapine’s online SQL query builder enables non-technical users for the first time to perform any database query on their own without involving the IT department. Our intuitive Drag & Drop interface provides you with all the flexibility and advanced visualization options you need to create meaningful charts and tables. datapine’s online sql editor directly connects to your current database structure and eliminates the need for data restructuring or any ETL process.

generate meaningful insights with visual data analysis

Visual Data Analysis

A powerful graphical interface of our data visualization software is the basis for proper analyses. datapine provides you with advanced table and charting libraries including features such as trend recognition and individual labeling. A great selection of chart types including spiderweb and scatterplot empowers you to visualize your data in the most meaningful way. With this set of features, we set a new standard for data visualization in the SaaS BI Tools space.

share information with interactive dashboards and reports

Interactive Dashboards & Reporting

datapine’s KPI dashboard software helps you to gain a comprehensive overview of your business performance while tracking important metrics in real-time. Easily share important insights via URL or set up automated reporting guidelines with our integrated KPI reporting software. All dashboards are mobile-optimized and can be viewed from basically any tablet or mobile device. Interactive filter elements allow viewers to drill-down, for more granular information or browse historical data.

Bank-grade security

The security of your valuable and sensitive data is our highest concern. datapine uses a sophisticated enterprise-level security layer and an advanced encryption technology (RSA-2048) to ensure that your data is safe with us.

DigiCert, SSL, ISO 27001
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