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An Introduction To Data Dashboards

What are data dashboards and how you can benefit from them

Data dashboards are one of the best innovations in business intelligence of all time.

But what are data dashboards? What is a common data dashboard definition?

In a nutshell, data dashboards display aggregated information in a visual and understandable way. A data dashboard gives you a comprehensive overview of a company, business department, process or project in relation to achieving specific objectives, that are measured by Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). They give you easy and immediate access to actionable analytics that can affect the bottom line of your company. To understand why business dashboards are so important, it’s helpful to look at the world without them – aka “the old way.” …


Top 6 Google Analytics KPIs: A Professional Guide to Modern Web Analytics

Women looking at a Google Analytics KPI dashboard on a laptop

Google Analytics (GA) has become the de-facto champion for free web analytics, as it monitors dozens of  Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for your business. These web analytics KPIs (measuring the website traffic and visitors’ behavior), analyze all available web data with the purpose of understanding and improving web usage. With datapine’s Google Analytics Connector these KPIs can be measured, monitored and analyzed with ease. You’ll be able to ask dynamic questions, drill up or down and create beautiful custom Google Analytics dashboards that you could never build in Google Analytics alone.


How Restaurant Analytics Can Make Your Business More Profitable

Restaurant analytics can help your business thrive

The restaurant industry is one of the most competitive industries on the planet. We already mentioned in a previous post on big data examples in real life how the catering industry could benefit from restaurants analytics, so we will today go deeper in the topic.

According to Modern Restaurant Management and the National Restaurant Association, 60,000 new restaurant locations open each year. However, 50,000 restaurant locations close their doors each year! Additionally, according to studies done by The Perry Group and The Restaurant Brokers, 90% of restaurants that are independently owned close within one year of opening. 70% of restaurants who manage to stay open for a year close their doors within the next 3 to 5 years. So, it’s no exaggeration to say that the vast majority of restaurants don’t succeed. If you’re reading this post, you’re probably wondering how you can prevent your restaurant from joining the masses of “almost made it”. There’s no easy answer that we can offer. However, we can point to our strength here at datapine: data science.

Managing their information with a data analysis software, restaurants can sharpen their competitive edge, increase revenue, and increase profit margins – all by looking at the data. Data allows you to get an objective, nitty-gritty view of the daily functions of your restaurant. Do we have you hooked so far?


5 Reasons For Knowledge Management Fails In The Marketing Team

man standing in front of a blackboard with chalk-drawn graphs

The implementation of a knowledge base is a step that every company should take to make operation better. No matter if you are running a small, mid or a big business, a knowledge base serves to streamline the workflow perfectly.

Unfortunately, some teams of people never get to take complete advantage that comes with a knowledge base software solution. For example, let’s take a look at some knowledge base fails for marketing teams. …


Data And Dashboard Storytelling: From A Powerful To An Unforgettable Presentation

woman presenting dashboard to her colleague

Plato famously quipped “those who tell stories rule society.” This statement is as true today as it was in ancient Greece. Narratives have always helped us to make sense of the complicated world. Instead of just listing facts, people were alternating them with explanations, context and interpretation to make sure the listeners can see the events in their mind’s eye exactly the way they happened.

In the contemporary world of business, the good old art of storytelling is far from forgotten: instead of speeches on the Senate floor, businesses rely on data visualizations to convey information and persuade audiences.  By combining the storytelling with some of the new advancements in dashboard software, powerful and meaningful presentations can be made to move people and make decisions. In this blog post, we will first go over the more general data storytelling and what you can do with your data to deliver a great story to your audience. In a second part, we will focus more specifically on the dashboard storytelling, providing some tips’n’tricks to help you make your dashboard relevant, your story accessible to everyone and engage your audience. Finally, we will look at two storytelling dashboard examples in different industries: retail and healthcare. …