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Unleash the Big Data Potential With These Top 10 Data Analytics Books

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The saying “knowledge is power” has never been truer, thanks to the widespread commercial use of big data and data analytics. This trend has been brought about by the new demands of the modern marketplace, and it’s here to stay. Both small and big companies are seeking the best ways to leverage their data into a competitive advantage. With that in mind, we have prepared a top-10 list of data analytics and big data books, along with magazines or authentified readers’ reviews upvoted by the Amazon or Goodreads communities. Whether you are a complete beginner or a seasoned business intelligence professional, you will find here some books on data analytics that will help you to grow in your understanding of the field. And with that understanding, you’ll be able to tap into the potential of data analytics to create strategic advantages, exploit your metrics to shape them into stunning business dashboards, and identify new business opportunities or at least participate in the process. …


7 Tips for Asking Business Intelligence Questions That Lead To Actionable Insights

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At the Big Data panel at the Strategic Competitive Intelligence Conference in Amsterdam, some years ago, one of the questions posed to the audience was a topic that every BI practitioner must address:  why do people focus more on the dataset rather than on the right business intelligence questions? In other words, when working with big data and business intelligence software, teams often find themselves focusing on the data, rather than the problems that the data can solve. One reason this can happen is because although organizing data is challenging, it may still be more straightforward than analyzing business problems. …


5 Examples of How Big Data in Logistics Can Transform The Supply Chain

Different ways of transportation in logistics that can all be affected by the growth of big data use

Big data is revolutionizing many fields of business, and logistics analytics is one of them. The complex and dynamic nature of logistics, along with the reliance on many moving parts that can create bottlenecks at any point in the supply chain, make logistics a perfect use case for big data. For example, big data logistics can be used to optimize routing, to streamline factory functions, and to give transparency to the entire supply chain, for the benefit of both logistics and shipping companies alike. Third party logistics companies and shipping companies both agree. Paraphrasing a Fleetowner article that examined the “21st Annual Third Party Logistics Study”, 98% of 3PLs said that improved data-driven decision making is “essential to the future success of supply chain activities and processes”. Additionally, 81% of shippers and 86% of 3PLs surveyed said that using big data effectively will become “a core competency of their supply chain organizations”. …


7 Customer KPIs You Need To Track For Happier Clients And More Revenue

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“Every company’s greatest assets are its customers, because without customers there is no company.”  – Michael LeBoeuf.

Your customers are the lifeblood of your business. Whether you are B2B or B2C, fulfilling your customers’ wants, needs, and expectations on a consistent basis will make the difference between a rock solid company with an upward trajectory and yet another failed business. There are many, many books and resources devoted to how to improve your relationship with your customers. However, actually measuring your relationship with your customers isn’t talked about nearly as much. We decided that we needed to do something about that, because if you can measure your relationship with your customers, it’s much easier to improve it. Here at datapine, we pride ourselves on making data actionable and easy to understand. That is why in this article we are going to go into 7 customer KPIs related to your customers’ relationship with your business, helping you in the elaboration of your customized KPI dashboards. These customer metrics will improve your ability to serve your clients – but which ones should you choose?


5 Call Center KPIs & Metrics That You Need To Know For Excellent Customer Service

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Data is crucial for successfully running an inbound call center. With so many calls coming in each and every day, it can be quite hard to know what’s going on without meaningful metrics. This makes choosing the right KPIs very important, as when you choose to focus on a given call center metric, you are implicitly saying that this metric represents an important reality in your business. And if you’re going to spend all of the effort to quantify and track that metric, you want to get a positive return on your investment. To consolidate all your data and make the most out of it, consider using a BI software that will help you in the elaboration of various KPI dashboards. …