Schedule Report

When you create a new dashboard in datapine, you’ll have the option to setup an automated report for your dashboard. The automated report function will send out an updated pdf export of your dashboard to selected recipients. In the dashboard setup popup tick the checkbox next to Schedule Automated Report to activate the report details below.Please fill out the following specification for your dashboard report:


  1. Interval: From the dropdown menu please define an interval for your scheduled report. You can set it to daily, weekly or monthly.
  2. Day of Week / Day of Month: If you have selected a weekly or monthly reporting interval you can now choose on which weekday or day of the month you want the report to be send out.
  3. Time: Select at which time the report should be send to the recipients.
  4. Recipients: Please choose the users which should receive the report.

As soon as you click Apply the schedule for your new report will be activated and then sends out a PDF version of your report at the scheduled time. The dashboard will be updated right before the report gets send out to the recipients to ensure that the data on your dashboard is up to date.