Manage Reports

All of your created reports will be listed on the left side of the report screen. There you will have access to your active and deactivated reports. Here is guide on how to manage your scheduled reports and recipients in datapine.


Edit Report


To edit the reports guidelines of an active or deactivated report follow these steps below:


  1. Access the report section with a click on Report on the navigation bar.
  2. Then select the report you wish to edit from the active or deactivated reports listed on the left.
  3. Click Edit in the upper right tool bar.

You may now edit the report message, dashboard tab or report frequency. Please make sure you click save at the bottom of the report to save your changes.


how to edit automated reports in datapine


Activate / Deactivate Report


You may deactivate or activate any of your reports listed on the left panel of the report screen. Deactivated reports will not send out any emails to your recipients but you can keep them to activate them later again. Here is how to activate and deactivate your running reports:


  1. Access the reporting screen with a click on Report on the navigation bar.
  2. Choose the report you wish to activate or deactivate from your listed reports on the left.
  3. Then click Deactivate or Activate on the options above your report.


 how to deactivate an automated report in datapine


Delete Report


You can keep your deactivated reports in case you need them later. However, if you wish to permanently delete a report follow these steps:


  1. Access your reports with a click on Report on the navigation bar.
  2. Click on the report that you wish to delete. All reports will be listed on the left and sorted by active and deactivated reports.
  3. Then click Delete to permanently remove this report.
  4. Confirm the deletion and your report will be removed.

 how to delete a report in datapine


Manage Report Recipients


You can also review the recipients of your reports and get an overview of all the reports that they are receiving. Here is how to manage your report recipients:


  1. Access the report scheduler with a click on Report in the upper navigation panel.
  2. Click on Recipients to switch to the Recipients View.
  3. In the Recipients View all recipients of your reports will be listed below. Click on one of the recipients to display the reports that he is receiving below. You may now remove this recipient from a report by clicking on edit and removing the recipients email address. Make sure to save any changes made to your report.

how to manage report recipients in datapine