Create Reports

datapine’s reporting option lets you send your dashboards as exported files via e-mail to your partners and colleagues. You can send them as PDF, Excel file or as an image attached to an email with a personal message. Here is quick guide on how to setup automated reports in datapine.


Access Report Options and Setup a new report


access datapine's reporting options


  1. Access the Report section with a click on Report in the middle of the tool navigation bar. You will be forwarded to the report section with an empty report template.
  2. To create a new report, use the empty report template and add the name of your new report to the first textbox. Then add your recipients email addresses below and optionally a subject line and personal message that will be send along with the email.


Choose Dashboard and Report Format



choose dashboard and report formant


  1. Scroll down to Choose Dashboard and select the dashboard tab that you wish to send as attachment to your email recipients.
  2. Then select the file format of your report. You can choose more than one option at the same time.

PDF: Select this option to create a PDF export of your dashboard. Depending on the size of your dashboard, the file may have more than one page. Use the printing bounds function on your dashboard to preview the size of the pdf file you are about to send.


XLS: Select this option to create an Excel attachment. Each chart on the dashboard will be exported onto one excel tab.


PNG: Select this option to create screenshots of your dashboard, attached as images to your e-mail report. This options usually allows the recipient of the email to view enclosed files without downloading. This can be especially useful, if your recipients are receiving and reading their emails on their mobile phones.


Schedule Report


options for datapine's automated reports


  1. Decide whether your report should be send out repeatedly or only once.
  2. Then select the date, time and in case of a recurring report also the frequency on which you wish the report to be send out. You can choose to send out monthly, weekly or daily reports.
  3. Recurring reports also require a termination date.
  4. Then save your report. You may send a test report to yourself to check the format of your files before you click Save.

Your email report will now be scheduled for the selected time and frequency. All your active reports will now appear on the left side of the report screen.