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Take Advantage Of Mobile Dashboards – Examples & Selected Designs

Mobile dashboard examples and designs

We live in a mobile world. According to the statistics portal Statista, there are currently around 4.78 billion mobile device users worldwide. No longer are we bound by the shackles of cumbersome desktop PCs or one specific geographical location to conduct research or complete online data analysis or other important online tasks. In this hyperconnected age, it’s possible to connect, campaign, and produce from anywhere you may be in the world – and the mobile revolution is responsible for this seismic shift.

Mobile technology has changed the way we interact with the world around us, and when it comes to analyzing valuable business insights, mobile dashboards offer the freedom and flexibility to turn stats into success while you’re on the go.

Here, we will consider what a mobile dashboard is, the dashboard mobile design, making visualizations on mobile, and real business examples to explain the benefits this most flexible of data-driven technology can offer your business.

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What Is A Mobile Dashboard?

A mobile dashboard provides a portable means of monitoring the most important, high-level KPIs and data related to all areas of a business or organization. It offers ease of access through mobile devices, on the go, with critical metrics displayed at-a-glance.

Mobile devices and dashboards are quickly becoming pivotal in performance monitoring, combining ease of use with real-time dashboard reporting that offers users unlimited access to invaluable business-centric information at any time or location.

Giving the ability to drill down into insights, stats, and metrics in various areas of the business in a digestible format that’s not only interactive but optimized for mobile devices, these compact, portable dashboards boast potential decision-making capabilities 24/7.

Why Are Mobile Dashboards Important?

As mentioned, a robust dashboard mobile design has the potential to boost business-based productivity exponentially by offering remote access to key organizational insights in a digestible, interactive format. This benefit alone is an incredible plus point for modern organizations looking to gain an all-important competitive edge in a cutthroat digital age.

Regardless of your industry or sector, digital transformation means that utilizing digital and online data visualization to enhance your business operations is no longer a luxury – it’s now a necessity if you want to survive. In today’s world, the ability to analyze critical metrics and measure your performance through various KPI examples that you can choose based on your industry and without restriction is an incredibly important driver of success as well as commercial growth and evolution.

To put this notion into perspective, here are the primary benefits of mobile dashboards in the digital age:

  • Swift decision-making: By serving up data and information through various data connectors and sources, and consolidating it into one central customized dashboard, it’s possible to extract value from your insights swiftly and share them with key stakeholders in an accessible way that will result in the kind of action that will improve the way your business operates.
  • Instant access to analytics: As mobile dashboards are flexible and accessible from almost anywhere, it’s possible to develop pivotal business initiatives at any given time. The interactive, user-friendly nature of these online dashboards means that it's incredibly simple to leverage the insights before you and drill down deeper into particular pockets of information by making visualizations on mobile. This instant and cohesive access to analytics will also improve the internal communication process, driving down data fragmentation while offering an increased level of data-driven value across the organization.
  • Company-wide business intelligence: As mobile dashboards allow users to analyze, study, and communicate key business data in a flexible, accessible format, a mobile app dashboard can empower people from all departments to share and leverage digital data to make more informed, accurate, and valuable business decisions that result in continual improvement, growth, and evolution.

“The future of mobile is the future of online. It is how people access online content now." – David Murphy, Founder of Mobile Marketing Daily

Mobile vs. Desktop Dashboards

Dashboards on mobile are different from dashboards on desktop. Both platforms are critical to the ongoing growth and success of modern businesses, but there are 3 things that you should know about.

  1. A difference in design: As mobile screens are much smaller than desktop, the ratio and placement of the dashboard elements will differ. As the mobile main feature is to check and outline the performance of a business, there are various performance dashboard examples that can be easily adjusted to provide an at-a-glance overview of main metrics and KPIs which can be accessed through mobile.
  2. Analysis level: Desktop dashboards are incredibly interactive and visual, but as they are designed solely for desktop use, their options and level of analysis are often deeper than in a mobile app dashboard. Mobile dashboards simply don't provide that level of in-depth analysis since they're intended for, already mentioned, high-level and most important data.
  3. Adaptability: Since the view of a desktop and mobile dashboard is quite different, it is important to consider how easy is to adapt the desktop view on mobile. With the right KPI software, you can easily do so, with just a few clicks.

Also, this might seem a little unusual, but with the right platform or solution, there are very few differences between mobile and desktop dashboards. In fact, if you work with a robust platform, both your desktop and mobile platforms will communicate with one another to create one seamless data analytics system that will allow you to turn insight into positive action.

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How To Create Mobile Dashboards

Any mobile data technology platform worth its salt will need little technical know-how concerning the construction of different types of dashboards from scratch – instead, you will be able to customize them to suit your specific business needs in a way that is as simple as it is intuitive.

To help you ensure your customizations are as successful as possible, let’s go over mobile dashboard best practices.

  • Trim the fat: To ensure your mobile dashboard design is as efficient and user-friendly as possible, it’s vital to include only the data, KPIs, and functions that you deem to be essential to the progress of the business. Anything that you believe to be surplus to requirement should be omitted from your mobile dashboard design.
  • Test across devices: When you’re customizing your dashboards on mobile, it’s crucial to test your layout, visuals, and functionality across different devices (in addition to desktops, if relevant) to ensure your design is optimized for a host of different mobile mediums, including a mixture of smartphones and tablets.
  • Design for ‘bigger fingers’: With mobile platforms especially, people will use their fingers to interact with your dashboards – and of course, peoples’ fingers come in a host of shapes and sizes. When designing your dashboard, ensure the functions, buttons, and scrolling options are ample enough for hand sizes both big and small to ensure your platform is user-friendly across the board.
  • Focus on scannability: On mobile devices, in particular, users will swiftly scan a screen to pinpoint the exact information they need. You should hold internal focus groups to test how ‘scannable’ your dashboard designs are and find out which areas need improvement. Doing so will ensure particular users within your organization can gain access to and interact with the metrics or information that are most valuable to their role with ease. Naturally, this will result in improved internal communication and data discovery processes, commercial growth, and ultimately – a boost to your bottom line.

3 Superb Mobile Dashboard Examples

Now that we’ve considered the essential mobile dashboard best practices, let’s look at 3 practical mobile dashboard examples for mobile dashboard design inspiration, starting with our mobile-based marketing dashboard.

1. Marketing mobile dashboard example

mobile dashboard example #1: MarketingWith our mobile-centric marketing dashboard, it’s possible to gain access to essential periodic information based on the business’s marketing and promotional initiatives at a glance. With scannable geographic visuals, a host of quick stats, and the option to filter data based on your specific needs, streamlining your marketing reports and enjoying an increased ROI is swift and simple.

2. Sales mobile dashboard example

mobile dashboard example #2: SalesOne of our most effective template on mobile, our flexible sales dashboard provides a focused mix of metrics and insights focused on the sales health and revenue of your organization. By gaining access to this data while on the go, you can develop strategies to make your sales reports and processes more efficient and communicate your findings with your team wherever you are and at any time of day or night.

3. Management mobile dashboard example

mobile dashboard example #3: ManagementManagement is a critical and all-encompassing component of any business, big or small, and this intuitive mobile template boasts swift access to trends and insights into revenue, performance, and sales while you’re on the move – an invaluable tool for any go-getting modern organization. Management reports can be accessed on-the-go, and important business decisions made faster.

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We hope these mobile dashboard examples have offered you a wealth of mobile dashboard design inspiration and that our guide has given you all of the information you need to reap the rewards of mobile-based data analytics dashboards.

Not only our solution is suited to every business initiative you can possibly think of, but our mobile dashboard app is available for both Android and iOS. They are also optimized for every type of mobile or tablet – so whatever device you work with, you’re covered. Our working examples of the mobile dashboard technology that works in unison with desktop data analytics will create a strong foundation to develop your business productivity and enable faster decision-making.

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