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Content Marketing Strategies To Boost Your Return on Investment

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Content marketing is the technique companies use in marketing to create and distribute content that would attract clients to their business. It consists in creating and sharing online material such as articles, videos, tutorials, podcasts, etc, that provides their readers with valuable information while not promoting directly their products and services. Find hereafter some tips to set up effective content marketing strategies.

Content Marketing Techniques You Should Know

  1. Use of infographics

These are visual representations of information and sets of data which is prepared with the intent of passing some information. A business can put information about its products and services and other valuable information in a statistical graphic which would help individuals intending to know about the business get information through reviewing the data. Infographics work on the precept of summarizing the primary functions of the business, and the client is supposed to use their cognitive to interpret the information presented, for purposes of ensuring no redundancies the data should be flowing smoothly and easy to understand.

A business should ensure this information is promoted on sites that use images as a source of marketing you can use bloggers and the media to share the news.

  1. Web pages

Use of web pages has been one of the effective ways for businesses to market their content the idea of improving the traffic to a website revolves around the use of search engine optimization. SEO as it is widely known works in a manner that in case a person browsing the internet searches about a product or service that is related to what your business offers, then your business website comes up as one of the results. The technology that is used is an identification of specific keywords that are sequenced in the search engines as algorithms, to ensure efficiency in the traffic flow to your website makes good use of the search engine optimization.

  1. Podcasts

Podcasts are a form of digital audio that is recorded and uploaded on a website and people can download and listen. As a business you can market your content through this platform by filing information about your products and services or in case of a new feature then you upload them to a website that contains audio products. In the busy world, as it is, a client might not have time to walk in for a presentation. Chances are they are in need of your product or service, but when the display is made on a podcast they can listen to it at their convenience and in the event, they need more information they can contact the company.

  1. Videos

Videos also have a massive place in content marketing. Videos happen to be one of the cheapest ways to market a business since you do not have to buy a video camera to record and document material you can do it from your mobile phone especially now that phones are being developed with high precision cameras. This form of content marketing creates value because it captures most if not all of the detail you want the viewer to have about the business. For example, if your business is on cars, you can take a video of a driving test or take the engine apart to show the potential client what value they would get this way you will attract more clients.

  1. Books

Think of these as manuals mostly, some potential clients do not fall in the above four categories, but they appreciate a good read this is a way to cover that market segment since all clients are valuable.

The secret of these content marketing examples is to add value. Chances are your competitor has also embraced the same promotion methods what would make your business stand out of the competition is what makes your product unique. The customer needs to get value for choosing your company over the next.

How To Execute The Content Marketing Strategy

It does not suffice to make the strategies that I have mentioned above and expect that profits would start trickling in, what the business needs are an implementation strategy to ensure that whatever techniques are applied they can be measured to gauge their efficiency.

  1. Set a goal

Without a definite destination then a ship can go anywhere and still the journey can be termed successful, a marketing strategy needs to be tied to a goal or a particular outcome. That way after working the various techniques for a while you review the status and improve what is working and manage what is not. Goals are very crucial because they are tied to the returns on investments, and if the strategies are not active, then there would be a low return on the investments.

Goals are used as a yardstick that determines what decisions should be taken in a particular setting.

  1. Research and understand the audience

Demographics are important when choosing the marketing strategy. A business should ensure they research on the client, establish their need and preferences then tailor your services towards meeting the demand. In content marketing, psychographics is also significant, and you need to know their value system and beliefs such that the strategy you decide to implement must correlate with them. The primary way to ensure you win at research is engaging the potential clients to give them an opportunity to provide feedback, and you would be amazed at the content that they offer regarding advice. Display customer’s review and USPs to show how your services can be beneficial for others like it is showcased on Youi's website for instance.

  1. Have a content marketing team

It is also essential for a business to have a group that specifically deals with the management of the content. Their work is to follow up and do an audit on what techniques are working and which ones are not. The team can also be tasked to come up with innovative ideas on the new parameters to make use of since the content marketing space is highly volatile and as a business, you cannot rely on the old methods if you wish to drive the sales.

  1. Report and refine

After building enough reach of your content share the results widely, most potential clients want the social proof that other users appreciate your product. Reports can be used to determine effects which can be measured against the returns on investments. And since business is a cycle that never ends revisit the objectives and work it all over again. Just like for any activity, you need to set up metrics beforehand that will measure your efforts all along, to ensure you stay aligned with your strategy and see if that is worth off. Choose some marketing KPIs that will fit your needs and visualize them thanks to a dashboard that will facilitate the understanding. There are a lot of online data visualization tools that can help you in the matter. The result could be as follow, with all of your online data monitored in an overview that gives you the big picture:

Web Analytics Data Dashboard tracking important marketing KPIs

**click to enlarge**

To go further, we invite you to check our article on how to create a data-driven content marketing strategy to have a deeper insight on how to use your data to its fullest!


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